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Collagen offer IOC

Company IOC, from the beginning of its activity, has gained a leading position on the Polish collagen market, offering a wide range of this raw material. According to available information, IOC has the richest offer of collagen in Poland. Although the full product list is available on the website, not all available forms are described in detail there.

Collagen products offered by IOC can be divided into two main types: native collagens and hydrolysates. Additionally, most of the collagen in our offer comes from marine sources, with the exception of vegan collagen, which is unique on the market.

List of collagens available on offer IOC:

  1. Native marine collagen – tropocollagen (gel, freeze-dried)
  2. Native marine collagen – atelocollagen (food, cosmetic, medical)
  3. Marine nanocollagen type I (food, cosmetic)
  4. Marine nanocollagen type II (food, cosmetics; from sharks and rays)
  5. Marine nanocollagen type III (food, cosmetic)
  6. Vegan collagen from algae (containing hydroxyproline)
  7. Human collagen Humacoll(R) type XXI (biotechnological, vegan
collaen offer ioc

1. Native marine collagen – tropocollagen

Native marine collagen, known as tropocollagen, obtained from fish skins, is one of the leading products in the offer IOC. It mainly contains collagen type I and III, which are the basic structural elements of fish skin. These types of collagen are also crucial for many biomedical and cosmetic applications due to their strength and elasticity.

Applications of native marine collagen

Tropocollagen, thanks to its biocompatibility and bioavailability, is extremely valued in various industries:
  • Cosmetology: Used in the production of creams, masks and serums, tropocollagen is valued for its moisturizing, regenerating and anti-aging properties.
  • Dietary supplements: As an ingredient of supplements, it supports the health of joints and bones and improves the elasticity and strength of connective tissue.
  • Medicine: In regenerative medicine, tropocollagen is used to create biomaterials that support wound healing, tissue regeneration and can be used in reconstructive surgery.
  • Scientific research and tissue culture: Collagen is a key component in tissue engineering and cell culture, where it serves as a scaffold for growing cells, imitating the natural tissue environment.

Forms of availability and applications of tropocollagen

Tropocollagen offered by IOC it is available in two main forms: as a gel (hydrolate) and freeze-dried Powder. These forms enable easy application in both external and internal products. The gel is often used in cosmetics for immediate use, while the freeze-dried form is preferred in applications requiring longer stability and ease of manipulation, such as in regenerative medicine or scientific research. Thanks to its versatility and key properties, tropocollagen from marine fish is a valuable source of collagen for many fields of science and industry, opening new opportunities in the development of health products and technologies.

2. Native marine collagen – atelocollagen

Atelocollagen, obtained from marine fish skins, is a special form of native collagen that has been deprived of telopeptide ends, which makes it non-immunogenic. This significant feature allows atelocollagen to be used more widely in medicine, cosmetics, and in scientific research.

Applications of atelocollagen

Atelocollagen is particularly valued in various sectors due to its versatile application possibilities:
  • Medicine: Due to its lack of immunogenicity, atelocollagen is an ideal material for use in implants, reconstructive surgery and regenerative medicine. It is also used in wound treatment and as a component of scaffolds in tissue engineering, where it supports tissue growth and regeneration.
  • Cosmetology: In the cosmetics industry, atelocollagen is used in anti-aging, moisturizing and regenerating products. It is a key ingredient in many advanced formulas of creams, masks and serums.
  • Research: As a biocompatible and non-immunogenic material, atelocollagen is used in tissue culture research and biomedical engineering, which allows for conducting advanced experiments on tissue models.
  • biotechnology: It is used in the production of bioinks for 3D bioprinting, where its properties allow the creation of structures resembling human tissues.

Forms of availability and applications of atelocollagen

Like tropocollagen, atelocollagen is available in the form of a gel (hydrolate) and as a freeze-dried powder, which allows for wide use in both industry and medicine. The gel form is preferred in cosmetic products for an immediate moisturizing and rejuvenating effect. Freeze-dried powder is used in medicine, where its stability and ease of use are crucial for therapeutic effectiveness.

The innovative potential of atelocollagen

Atelocollagen, thanks to its unique properties, opens up new possibilities in creating advanced medical products and therapies. Its use in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine may contribute to significant progress in the treatment and reconstruction of damaged tissues, as well as in the creation of new methods of treating diseases associated with tissue defects.

3. Marine nanocollagen type I

Marine nanocollagen type I is a unique product of the company IOC, which, thanks to its extremely low molecular weight (less than 1 kDa), has high bioavailability. This type of collagen comes from marine fish and is valued for its regenerative and nutritional properties.

Production Process and Characterization

Type I nanocollagen is produced by an advanced hydrolysis process that breaks down large collagen molecules into smaller peptide fragments. Thanks to this process, collagen is easier to be absorbed by the human body, which increases its effectiveness in both cosmetics and food products. Its small molecular size facilitates penetration through biological barriers, such as skin or intestinal mucosa.

Applications in Cosmetics

In the cosmetics industry, type I marine nanocollagen is used in care and regenerative products. Due to its anti-aging and moisturizing properties, it is a key ingredient in creams, serums and masks. It supports skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles and improves the overall condition of the skin.

Applications in Functional Nutrition and Supplementation

In the food sector, type I nanocollagen is added to dietary supplements and functional foods that aim to support the health of joints and bones and improve the condition of skin, hair and nails. Its amino acids, such as glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, are crucial for maintaining the strength and elasticity of connective tissue.

Health Benefits and Efficiency

Type I nanocollagen is particularly valued for its ability to support regenerative processes in the body. Taking into account its bioavailability and effectiveness, it is an ingredient chosen by both cosmetics producers and dietary supplement creators who want to offer the highest quality products.

Innovation and Market Trends

Thanks to its unique properties, marine nanocollagen type I responds to the growing needs of the market interested in natural products that are effective in combating the signs of aging and supporting health. Its use in modern cosmetic formulas and dietary supplements highlights the trend towards the use of advanced biotechnology to improve the quality of life.

4. Marine nanocollagen type II

Marine nanocollagen type II from cartilaginous fish such as sharks and rays is particularly valued for its properties supporting joint health. Due to its very low molecular weight, similarly to type I, type II nanocollagen has high bioavailability, which translates into its effectiveness in food and cosmetic applications.

Production Process and Characterization

Nanocollagen type II is obtained from cartilaginous fish, which are an excellent source of this specific type of collagen, necessary for the proper function and structure of joints. The extraction and hydrolysis process used to obtain nanocollagen allows the breakdown of larger collagen molecules into smaller peptides, which increases their bioavailability and effectiveness.

Applications in Functional Nutrition

Type II nanocollagen is widely used in dietary supplements intended for people suffering from joint problems, such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Its ability to support the regeneration of joint cartilage and alleviate inflammation makes it a valuable ingredient in health products.

Applications in Cosmetics

While the primary use of type II nanocollagen is to support joint health, it is also used in cosmetics, where its regenerative properties can help improve skin elasticity and firmness. Products such as creams and serums using type II nanocollagen are appreciated for their ability to improve the overall texture of the skin and reduce fine lines.

Health Benefits and Efficiency

Type II nanocollagen is particularly effective in providing essential amino acids and peptides that are crucial for maintaining healthy joints and elastic skin. Due to their small molecular size, these peptides are easily absorbed, which increases the effectiveness of supplements and cosmetics based on them.

Innovation and the Future

The use of type II nanocollagen from cartilaginous fish highlights the innovative approach to natural dietary supplements and cosmetic products. It is expected that the growing understanding of its properties and benefits will contribute to the further development and popularization of products containing this type of collagen, both in medicine and skin care.

5. Marine nanocollagen type III

Marine nanocollagen type III is another product from the line of nanocollagens offered by IOC, which, thanks to its low molecular weight below 1 kDa, has exceptional bioavailability. Like other types of nanocollagen, it is obtained from marine fish, and its regenerative and rejuvenating properties are particularly valued in both the food and cosmetics industries.

Production Process and Characterization

Type III nanocollagen is produced by advanced extraction and hydrolysis techniques that convert natural fish collagen proteins into smaller peptides. This form of collagen is particularly rich in amino acids such as glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, which are crucial for maintaining healthy and elastic skin.

Applications in Cosmetics

In cosmetics, type III nanocollagen is used to produce creams, serums, masks and other care products aimed at improving skin elasticity, reducing wrinkles and accelerating regenerative processes. Its small particles easily penetrate the skin, delivering nutrients directly to its deeper layers.

Applications in Functional Nutrition

In the food industry, type III nanocollagen is used in dietary supplements intended to improve the health of skin, hair and nails. It is also valued for its properties that support joint health, making it a popular ingredient in products for people suffering from various types of connective tissue ailments.

Health Benefits and Efficiency

Thanks to its high bioavailability and effectiveness, type III nanocollagen is valued for its rejuvenating and regenerative abilities. Regular use of products containing this type of collagen may contribute to improving the overall condition of the skin, increasing its firmness and elasticity, and slowing down the aging process.

Innovation and the Future

The innovation of type III nanocollagen lies in the use of natural marine resources to produce advanced bioactive ingredients that meet the needs of modern consumers looking for natural and effective solutions in the field of health and beauty. The development of technologies for obtaining and processing marine collagen continues to open up new opportunities for the food and cosmetics industries, providing products of increasingly better quality and effectiveness.

6. Vegan collagen IOC Vegicoll®

Vegan collagen from algae is a unique product in our offer IOC, which is distinguished by the presence of hydroxyproline, which is rare among vegan sources of collagen. Typically, plant collagens contain hydroxyproline-like sugars instead of hydroxyproline itself. This collagen is used in food products, supplements and cosmetics, offering an alternative for people looking for products of non-animal origin. Vege Nanocollagen from the company IOC is an innovative product that is gaining more and more recognition thanks to its unique properties and wide range of applications. Obtained from marine algae, mainly species chlorella vulgaris, Vege nanocollagen is rich in valuable nutrients, such as amino acids, bioelements, polyphenols and, above all, hydroxyproline - an amino acid rarely found in plants, but crucial for the structure of collagen.

Production Process and Application

Production process Vege nanocollagen uses advanced extraction and hydrolysis biotechnology, which allows obtaining low-molecular-weight peptides and glycoproteins. Thanks to this, nanocollagen is characterized by high bioavailability, which translates into more effective action in both cosmetics and dietary supplements.

Applications in Cosmetics

Vege Nanocollagen is used in cosmetic products due to its ability to penetrate deeply into the skin. The small size of the molecules (below 500 Da) allows it to effectively deliver nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin, which is particularly important in anti-aging and moisturizing products.

Applications in Supplementation

In dietary supplements, Vege nanocollagen is valued for its properties supporting the health of skin, hair, nails and joints. As it is rich in all essential amino acids, including hydroxyproline, it helps rebuild and regenerate collagen in the body, which is crucial for maintaining the health of connective tissues.

Ecological and Ethical Aspects

Nanocollagen Vege is a fully vegan product, which meets the growing demands of consumers looking for products free from animal ingredients and animal testing. Its production is also in line with ecological principles, which aims to minimize the impact on the natural environment.

Innovation and the Future

The technology of obtaining and using Vege nanocollagen is a breakthrough in the field of biotechnology and cosmetology. Thanks to its properties and effectiveness, this product has the potential for further development and use in new areas, including regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. Vege Nanocollagen from the company IOC not only meets the highest standards of quality and innovation, but also fits the trend of responsible production and consumption, which is a response to the changing expectations of the market and consumers.

7. Human collagen HumaColl type XXI

Human collagen Humacoll type XXI is a biotechnological product, identical to the collagen found in the human body, obtained by coding bacteria. As a vegan product, it is used in regenerative medicine, cosmetology and other biomedical fields, where it is valued for its biocompatibility and effectiveness in promoting the health of connective tissue.
HumaColl21® is an innovative product that is biomimetic human collagen type 21. It is a vegan equivalent of human collagen, which is produced using advanced biotechnological techniques by the Geltor company. HumaColl21® is gaining popularity in the cosmetics industry thanks to its unique properties and biocompatibility.

Production Process and Characterization

HumaColl21® is produced by a biotechnological process in which specially designed bacteria produce a protein based on a previously introduced DNA sequence. This process allows you to obtain pure protein without the use of animal ingredients, which makes it an ideal solution for vegans and eco-conscious people.

Applications in Cosmetics

Thanks to its regenerative properties, HumaColl21® is used in a series of advanced cosmetics that promote healthy skin aging, hydration, as well as the reduction of redness and wrinkles. These products are appreciated for their effectiveness in improving skin elasticity and stimulating the production of natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Health Benefits and Efficiency

HumaColl21® has numerous benefits for the skin, including a significant increase in the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen types I and III. Research shows that it can significantly improve the appearance of skin by increasing hydration and reducing redness. Its antioxidant and protective effects additionally strengthen the skin barrier.

Innovation and the Future

HumaColl21® is an example of how modern technologies can contribute to the development of cosmetic products that are both effective and compliant with the principles of sustainable development. Offering products that are cruelty-free and fully vegan, HumaColl21® is part of the growing "clean beauty" cosmetics trend.

Market Potential

In the context of the growing popularity of vegan and cruelty-free products, HumaColl21® has huge market potential. It could be a key ingredient in future cosmetic product lines that meet the highest both ethical and environmental standards. Thanks to its unique properties and possibilities of application in various segments of the cosmetics market, HumaColl21® has a chance to become a leader in its category, promoting healthy aging and skin care at a new, innovative level.

8. Naticol® marine collagen

Naticol® is an advanced marine hydrocollagen selectively obtained from fish skins and scales, traditionally consumed by humans. Available in NatiCol® 1000 and NatiCol® 4000 formulations, this product offers a wide range of applications thanks to its different molecular weights, allowing it to be tailored to specific needs in both the food and cosmetics industries.

Production process

NatiCol® production complies with the highest quality and safety standards, confirmed by the ISO 9001/2000 certificate. The production process uses methods such as concentration, degradation, purification, enzymatic hydrolysis, sterilization, extraction, acid treatment, filtration and spray drying.

Composition and specification

NatiCol® is characterized by a very high protein content (93-95%), mainly type I collagen in the form of peptides. The product is free from carbohydrates, fats, purines, cholesterol and genetically modified substances and preservatives. This ensures its purity and naturalness.

Features and benefits

NatiCol® is valued for its regenerative properties, which translate into improved skin elasticity and firmness, and for its potential to combat the signs of skin aging. Thanks to the content of oligopeptides and a high level of essential amino acids, this product perfectly fits the needs of the cosmetics and supplementation market.

Variety of applications

NatiCol® 4000 is successfully used in food products, where its organoleptic properties are particularly appreciated. NatiCol® 1000, due to its lower molecular weight, is used in local applications and is suitable for quick absorption by the body, which is beneficial in the case of dietary supplements and cosmetic products. NatiCol® is a 100% natural product that allows you to create products with a high level of collagen protein, while ensuring excellent solubility in water and a neutral taste and smell. It is a Halal-certified product that also responds to the growing market demand for environmentally friendly and ethically produced products.

9. Natural Collagen - Native Marine Collagen, Direct Offer for Salons, SPAs and Manufacturers

premium advertising for 'IOC NATURAL COLLAGEN', suitable for professional spa and salon use

Our offer is addressed to customers looking for products in capacities exceeding the standard 200 ml and to producers who need Natural Collagen as a raw material ingredient or as a supplement to retail packaging (Refill). IOC cordially invites hairdressing, beauty and SPA salons to cooperate, offering Collagen Natural in economical 1L capacities and bulk options, ideal for professional use.

Price list Net for 1L packaging with a pump:

  • Collagen for face and neckline: PLN 715,85
  • Body collagen: PLN 608,48
  • Collagen for hair and nails: PLN 536,89


  • We offer attractive discounts of up to 35% depending on the size of the order, encouraging larger purchases

Natural Collagen "in bulk" as raw material:

  • Minimum order: 10L
  • Possibility to negotiate discounts up to 75% for large orders.

We encourage you to contact and personalization of the offer in accordance with the needs of your business:

The offer also includes native atelocollagen.

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