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International Organic Company (IOC) is a leading contract manufacturer of dietary supplements, specializing in the creation, production and packaging of custom supplements. We have modern technologies, qualified staff and many years of experience, which allows us to provide the highest quality of services in the dietary supplements industry. Contract supplement manufacturer such as IOC, offers comprehensive services from formulation to distribution, creating dietary supplements in accordance with the customer's guidelines and specifications.

Contract manufacturer is an external company that produces components or products on behalf of another company. The contracting company provides the design or product specifications, and the contract manufacturer prices production based on variables such as processes, koszty work, tools and materials.

Contract manufacturer of supplements just like IOC (International Organic Company) is a company that produces specific components or products on behalf of other companies. In the dietary supplements industry, it serves as a key supplier and also deals with packaging, i.e. as a copacker.

Manufacturer of supplements on request provides full support at every stage of production, from recipe development to final packaging and distribution of products on request.

Logo of the supplement manufacturer International Organic Company IOC

Comprehensive Production Services

Supplement Forms

Logo of the supplement manufacturer International Organic Company IOC

International Organic Company (IOC) - Contract Manufacturer of Dietary Supplements with Turnkey Service

Advantages of cooperation with IOC

Our production processes

In our production, we use modern technologies and production processes that guarantee the highest quality of products. Thanks to our advanced quality control methods, we are able to ensure that each product meets the highest standards. We are an experienced manufacturer with modern production lines for the production of tablets, soft capsules and hard products, syrups, drops, functional drinks, oral pastes, powders, granules and sachets.

What supplements can we produce?

IOC specializes in the production of various forms of dietary supplements, including soft capsules, hard capsules, syrups, drops, functional drinks, oral pastes, powders, granules and sachets. Thanks to our experience and advanced technology, we are able to provide products that meet the highest quality standards.

Contract production of dietary supplements

Contract production of dietary supplements allows companies like IOC offer comprehensive production solutions at the highest level, in accordance with the latest quality and safety standards. We are your trusted partner in creating innovative dietary supplements. As an experienced manufacturer, we are able to meet even the most demanding projects. Custom dietary supplements this is our specialty, we offer the highest quality throughout the entire production process.

Why choose IOC as a contract manufacturer of supplements?

IOC - contract manufacturer of supplements

Manufacturer of dietary supplements commissioned is an entity that, based on a contract of mandate, develops, produces and/or packages dietary supplements in accordance with the specifications provided by the ordering party, guaranteeing compliance with applicable legal regulations and quality standards in force in a given region or country. Business International Organic Company (IOC) has appropriate certificates, infrastructure and quality control systems to ensure that ready-made supplements meet the requirements of the ordering party and the quality and safety standards required by law on the target market.

Please do not hesitate to contact us

We invite you to contact and cooperate with IOC – leader in contract production of dietary supplements. Together we can create products that will stand out on the market and meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Thanks to our many years of experience and comprehensive services, we are able to meet even the most demanding projects. Contract manufacturer of supplements just like IOC is a guarantee of quality and innovation.

Jako Polish producers of dietary supplements We are proud of our contribution to the health and well-being of consumers around the world.

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