History and Mission IOC

Since our founding in 2009, IOC [International Organic Company] has established itself as a leading manufacturer of cosmetics and supplements. As a Polish family company based in Gdynia, we focus on creating luxury brands on the international market, offering luxury cosmetics and dietary supplements.

A unique approach to production

We use individual and unique solutions for each project, guaranteeing uniqueness and unlimited possibilities in building your own brand and business. As the only strictly contract manufacturer of cosmetics in Poland, we specialize in creating selective brands using advanced technologies and raw materials. When offering cosmetics or supplements to our clients, we do not rely on ready-made solutions, but each time we create the product from scratch. Only this approach guarantees true uniqueness on the market. For each implementation, we purchase all necessary raw materials and packaging to guarantee the highest quality and the longest shelf life.

Advanced Biotechnologies and Scaling Innovation

Our commitment to biotechnology allows us to develop and scale technologies that are scientific inventions, preparing them for implementation in industry. Thanks to this, IOC is not only a manufacturer, but also an innovator, transforming the latest scientific discoveries into specific market solutions.

Innovation in the Production of Dietary Supplements

As a supplement manufacturer, IOC since 2009, it has specialized in contract production of capsules, tablets and other forms of dietary supplements. Our services include comprehensive support from the idea to the final product, always in compliance with EU and FDA regulations, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety.

Commitment to Highest Quality and Optimization

We provide excellent value for money, maximizing efficiency and reducing production costs. Our team of experts focuses on developing products that meet the latest market requirements and consumer trends, offering innovative and effective solutions.

Collagen – The Key to Health and Beauty

As the exclusive distributor of Naticol® collagen in Poland, IOC offers a wide range of collagen raw materials. Our vegetarian collagen is based on peptides and aminosaccharides of plant origin, ensuring high bioactivity. Naticol®, being a natural collagen peptide, offers numerous health benefits, such as improving the condition of the skin, joints and bones.

Raw materials of our production

We offer the widest range of collagen raw materials, also of our own production, including innovative plant collagens. Our products, such as fish and vegetarian collagen, meet a variety of health and beauty needs, helping to maintain skin, joint and bone health. In 2023, we introduced new collagens produced by us for food and cosmetic purposes with exceptionally bioavailable peptide chains weighing less than 1000 Daltons.

Commitment to Sustainable Development

W IOC we attach great importance to sustainable development, using ecological raw materials, environmentally friendly packaging and promoting ethical business practices. Our products are created with respect for nature, they are not tested on animals, and the raw materials are obtained from organic farming.

Advanced Technologies and Scaling Innovation

As an industry leader, IOC invests in research and development, constantly exploring new ingredients, formulas and production techniques. Our research and development process allows us to create innovative products that set new standards in the industry.

Outstanding Certification and Commitment to Quality

W IOC, our products and services, including a wide range of cosmetics and supplements, are certified according to ISO: 9001, 22716, GMP, HACCP, GHP and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Additionally, we are proud to be a clean company that has never and has never tested on animals, demonstrating our commitment to ethical and responsible business practices.