Custom production of dietary supplements

Custom production of dietary supplements

What is contract manufacturing?

Contract manufacturing is a service in which a company commissions a manufacturer to produce its products or components. This is an outsourcing method that uses the manufacturer's resources and experience, bringing benefits to the outsourcing company. Contract manufacturing allows companies to focus on innovation, design and sales by outsourcing production to external companies.

Contract manufacturing of dietary supplements is the process of creating finished products according to customer specifications by an external manufacturer, which allows for the quick introduction of unique supplements to the market without the need to have our own factories.


Why choose IOC?

Over 15 years of experience

We have been specializing in: since 2009 contract production of dietary supplements, cosmetics and medical food. Our experience is a guarantee of the highest quality of services.

Safety and quality

We use only the highest quality raw materials, ensuring compliance with regulations. We have ISO 22000, 22716, 9001, GMP, GHP and HACCP certificates.

Full production customization

We offer full flexibility in the production process, implementing every customer's idea and adapting to individual needs.

Flexible production scales

We serve both small, medium and large scale production, supporting companies in entering the market and optimizing their current production.

Global reach

We serve customers from all over the world by exporting our products to various international markets.

No Competition

IOC does not market brands belonging to us. You can be sure that nothing other than your project will bother us.

Stages of custom production

  1. Idea and market research: Together with the client, we define market needs and develop a product concept.
  2. Recipe development: Our R&D team creates innovative formulas tailored to customer requirements.
  3. Production: We use modern technologies and equipment to ensure the highest quality of products.
  4. Quality control: We carry out detailed tests and audits to ensure compliance with the highest quality standards.
  5. Packaging and labeling: We will ensure attractive and functional packaging and labels that comply with regulations.
  6. Distribution: The finished products will reach customers in the shortest possible time.

Contract production or private label?

  • Many years of experience: Over 15 years in the cosmetics and dietary supplements industry.
  • Full service: From concept to finished product.
  • Advanced technologies: Innovative production methods and raw materials.
  • Personalization: Adaptation to individual customer needs.
  • Global reach: Export to international markets.
  • Safety and quality: Certified production processes.

Full contract manufacturing allows you to create a unique product according to your specific requirements, giving you full control over quality, design and branding. In contrast, private-label offers ready-made products that can be quickly delivered introduce to the market under your own brand, but with limited customization.

Advantages of full contract production:

  • Personalization: Ability to customize every aspect of the product.
  • Quality: Full control over the quality and materials used.
  • Uniqueness: You will create something that the competition does not have.

Advantages of private label:

The choice depends on your needs: individuality and control versus speed and lower costs. IOC works in both of these models.

Examples of completed projects

Service Production of cosmetics

We cooperate with many cosmetic brands, offering a full range of production services, from recipe development to packaging and distribution.

Service Production of supplements 

We have helped many companies introduce their unique dietary supplements to the market, adapting recipes and packaging to specific requirements.

Production Offer

Minimum orders

Find out more about the service production of dietary supplements

If you are interested production of dietary supplements on commission, company IOC is the perfect business partner. Thanks to our experience and comprehensive offer, we are able to complete any order, adapting to the individual needs of our clients.

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We invite you to cooperate and discover our full potential. Thanks to us, your products can achieve the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.

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