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Contract Production of Dietary Supplements in the Company IOC

Comprehensive turnkey contract production services of dietary supplements

Contract production of dietary supplements is a service that allows companies to use modern technologies and the knowledge of industry experts. Thanks to this, even the most complex orders can be fulfilled, guaranteeing the highest quality of the final product. This is an ideal solution for companies that want to introduce innovative products to the market without having to invest in their own production facilities.IOC is a leader in contract production of dietary supplements, offering comprehensive services from concept to finished product, operating globally. We provide full turnkey service for your dietary supplements.

Contract production (custom production, service production)

Contract manufacturing is a business model in which a company commissions a manufacturer to produce its products or components. This is an outsourcing method that uses the manufacturer's resources and experience, bringing benefits to the outsourcing company.

Contract manufacturing allows companies to focus on innovation, design and sales by outsourcing production to external companies. An external manufacturer, called a key supplier or copacker (when involved in packaging), makes products according to customer specifications, enabling flexible resource management.

Contract production of dietary supplements

Contract production of dietary supplements involves entrusting the production of supplements to an external company, which allows you to focus on marketing and sales. This partnership leverages the contractor's advanced technologies and experience, enabling product development and market strategies.

Contract manufacturer of dietary supplements

Contract manufacturer such as IOC (International Organic Company), is a company that produces specific components or products on behalf of other companies. In the dietary supplements industry, it serves as a key supplier and also deals with packaging, i.e. as a copacker.

Why IOC?

Why Choose Contract Manufacturing of Dietary Supplements? IOC?

Why is it worth choosing contract production of dietary supplements?

Contract manufacturing of dietary supplements allows companies to focus on innovation and sales by entrusting the production process to experts. Thanks to this, they can use advanced technologies and specialist knowledge without having to invest in expensive infrastructure.

Minimization of Investment Costs

Outsourcing contract manufacturing of dietary supplements to an experienced partner such as IOC, allows you to avoid high costs associated with purchasing equipment and building infrastructure. Companies can devote resources to new product development and marketing rather than investing in their own production lines.

Focus on Innovation and Sales

By entrusting production to specialists, companies can focus on developing innovative formulas and marketing strategies. Dedicated Project Manager in IOC provides an individual approach, taking care of every stage of production, from obtaining raw materials to the distribution of finished products, which allows for quick response to market needs.

Diagram of the Production Process for contract production of dietary supplements

  1. Idea and market research: Together with the client, we define market needs and develop a product concept.
  2. Recipe development: Our R&D team creates innovative formulas tailored to customer requirements.
  3. Production: We use modern technologies and equipment to ensure the highest quality of products.
  4. Quality control: We carry out detailed tests and audits to ensure compliance with the highest quality standards.
  5. Packaging and labeling: We will ensure attractive and functional packaging and labels that comply with regulations.
  6. Distribution: The finished products will reach customers in the shortest possible time.
Scheme - Process of contract production of dietary supplements IOC: Idea → Recipe → Production → Labeling → Packaging → Product Ready for Sale
Scheme - Process of contract production of dietary supplements IOC: Idea → Recipe → Production → Labeling → Packaging → Product Ready for Sale

A very detailed specialist description of the production of dietary supplements w IOC is located here, so we do not repeat this information in this one article.

R&R - developing the supplement recipe in the company IOC

Recipe development

Our R&D team will help you create an innovative formula tailored to the needs of your customers. Thanks to many years of experience, we are able to develop effective and safe dietary supplements that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. We will check the compliance of the composition with current legal requirements and evaluate it in terms of effectiveness. Thanks to our innovative approach to composition, we can offer unusual raw materials produced by IOC or external units. Natural Ingredients: W IOC we focus on the highest quality of raw materials, choosing natural ingredients that are safe and effective. We avoid or minimize the use of technical and additional substances to ensure the purest product possible.
Ecological Packaging: The use of ecological packaging is our priority. We use biodegradable and recyclable materials, which allows us to reduce our impact on the environment.
Adapting to Trends: We follow the latest trends and adapt technologies to provide our customers with modern and natural dietary supplements.

Contract production of dietary supplements

We use modern technologies and equipment to ensure the highest quality of products. Our advanced production lines enable the production of various forms of supplements, such as capsules, tablets, powders and liquids. Our production line is equipped with the latest mixing, tableting, encapsulating, labeling and packaging equipment, which allows us to flexibly adapt processes to the specific requirements of each customer. We also have a dedicated production line soft capsules softgel type. This technology allows you to create capsules of various shapes and sizes that are easy to swallow and provide precise dosing of active ingredients. Thanks to our advanced quality control methods, each batch of softgel capsules is tested to the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.
production of dietary supplements IOC - finished products under the client's brand

Packaging and Labeling

We will take care of attractive and functional packaging and labels that comply with regulations. Our contract production services for dietary supplements include: blistering, labeling, packing into boxes and jars, which allows us to adapt the packaging to the individual needs of our customers. IOC has a second production plant specializing in the production of luxury cosmetics. Thanks to 15 years of experience in the premium cosmetics industry, we know how to create beautiful and eye-catching packaging that will make your product stand out on the shelf. Our knowledge and experience in designing premium cosmetic packaging allows us to offer solutions that not only protect the product, but also increase its visual attractiveness and market value. We have a wide selection of packaging materials, including eco-friendly bottles, jars, containers, glass bottles, blisters and supplement boxes, sachets disposable, small bags and stick packaging for easy application. We also offer tubes, including those made of sugar cane, which are environmentally friendly.

Distribution of ready-made dietary supplements

The finished products will be delivered to your hands or directly to the market in the shortest possible time. Thanks to 15 years of experience in serving customers from all over the world, we have the ability to ship products on a global scale. 

Our logistics operations comply with the highest pharmaceutical transport standards, which include controlled temperature and appropriate storage conditions, ensuring the excellent condition of dietary supplements throughout the entire transport process.

Distribution - the stage of production of dietary supplements in IOC

Key elements of our distribution:

  1. Transport pharmaceutical: We maintain controlled temperature and storage conditions to ensure that products do not degrade during transportation.
  2. Punctuality: We work quickly and efficiently to ensure your products are always available when you need them.
  3. Delivery tracking: Our systems allow for accurate monitoring of each shipment, from the moment it leaves the warehouse until it is delivered to the customer.

High quality and certification of our contract production of Dietary Supplements

Our production meets the highest quality standards, which is confirmed by ISO 22000, GMP and HACCP certificates. Regular inspections and tests of raw materials and finished products guarantee the safety and effectiveness of supplements. We have been a contract manufacturer of dietary supplements for over 15 years and have operated globally from the beginning. Scope of certification IOC as a contract manufacturer of dietary supplements, it covers design, production and distribution. Our offer includes products such as functional and enriched foods, dietary supplements, products for special nutritional and medical purposes, cosmetics and components. We have the necessary certifications, including: ISO 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 22716, GMP, HACCP and GHP. Additionally, we have implemented numerous quality and efficiency management practices, such as CRM, Lean, CSR and others.

Key certificates:

  1. ISO 22000: Food safety management system.
  2. ISO 9001: Quality management system.
  3. ISO 22716: Good Manufacturing Practices for the cosmetics industry.
  4. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices): Good Manufacturing Practices.
  5. HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points): Hazard analysis and critical control points.
  6. GHP (Good Hygiene Practices): Good Hygiene Practices.

Implemented Production management practices:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Customer relationship management.
  • Lean: Production management methods focused on efficiency and waste elimination.
  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility): Corporate social responsibility.
Our advanced infrastructure and integrated quality management systems allow us to maintain the highest standards at every stage of production. We ensure that every product that leaves our facilities is safe, effective and compliant with international quality standards.
Photo of dietary supplement production certificates held by IOC: GMP, ISO and others

Personalization and innovation in the production of dietary supplements

We offer full product personalization, from the selection of ingredients to packaging design.

We follow the latest trends in the supplement industry, such as clean label and healthy aging, to provide your customers with modern and effective products.

Transparency and support

We ensure full transparency at every stage of cooperation. Our dedicated Project Manager coordinates the entire production process, from the very first contact until delivery of the finished product. 

We help with product registration, advise on legal issues and offer marketing support so that your brand can achieve success on the market. Your sales success is our success in the contract production of dietary supplements.

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