A contemporary and elegant display of veterinary supplements in a Polish pharmacy. The interior is designed in a minimalist style with a white background, navy blue and lime green accents. The shelves showcase a variety of pet health supplements in sophisticated, unbranded packaging, emphasizing concern for animal welfare. The design incorporates subtle animal motifs, combining functionality with an animal-friendly environment.

Manufacturer of animal supplements. Veterinary supplements on request.

Leader in Contract Production of Animal Supplements

In the dynamically changing market of products for pets and farm animals, a quick and decisive response is crucial. IOC, as the leading one supplement manufacturer for animals, offers the highest quality products and comprehensive service, including both supplements and cosmetics for animals, such as cow udder ointment.

Comprehensive Production of Animal Supplements

we specialize in production of dietary supplements for animals, using the best ingredients and advanced technologies. Our services cover everything from production and graphic design to packaging and order fulfillment. Products IOC are carefully dosed and tested to meet nutritional and legal requirements.

Registered GMP Plant

Our modern production plants are GMP compliant and operated by qualified personnel, which guarantees precise doses and the highest quality at every stage of production. Thanks to microencapsulation technology, our supplements ensure effectiveness and security.

Adapting Products to the Needs of the Pet Market

Jako manufacturer of animal supplements, IOC offers a wide range of forms of supplement delivery that are precisely tailored to the various needs of the pet market. 

Various Forms of Supplements and Cosmetics

 We offer various forms of supplements, such as:

  • Chewable tablets: Easy to administer, can be hidden in food.
  • Powders: To be mixed with food.
  • Capsules and softgels: Perfect for hiding in food.

Sample Pet Supplements

Our formulas include:

  • Joint health: Glucosamine and chondroitin supplements.
  • Support for dogs with allergies: Natural antihistamines.
  • probiotics: Maintaining a healthy intestinal flora.
  • CBD: Improving the well-being and peace of animals.

Producer of cosmetics and ointments for animals

IOC also offers specialized ointments and cosmetics for animals that care for and treat various skin diseases. Our products are safe and effective, supporting skin and coat health.

Commitment to Animal Health and Welfare

As a trusted manufacturer of animal supplements, IOC strives to improve the quality of life of pets and farm animals. Our products are designed to support the physical and mental health of animals.

Why It's Worth Choosing IOC?

  • Experience: Many years of practice and market knowledge.
  • Innovations: Modern production technologies.
  • Full service: From design to finished product.
  • High quality: Compliance with GMP regulations.

Invitation to cooperate

If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer of animal supplements, IOC is the perfect partner. Our experience and modern technologies are the key to success on the pet products market. Contact Contact us to learn more about our products and cooperation opportunities.

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