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Innovative Solutions in Contract Production of Dietary Supplements

Since 2009, our company has proudly been at the forefront of innovation in the contract manufacturing of dietary supplements, combining advanced technology with craftsmanship. We specialize in creating individual solutions, adapting our services to the specific needs of each client. Our production capabilities cover a wide range of supplement forms, from capsules to liquids, enabling both small and large production runs. We are proud to have international quality certificates such as ISO 9001, 22716, GMP, GHP, HACCP, CSR, which confirm our commitment to maintaining the highest industry standards. Our technological achievements, including the revolutionary micelle technology, developed in close cooperation with leading scientists, demonstrate our intellectual and machine potential, enabling us to provide innovative and effective solutions to the dietary supplement market.

Solutions Adapted to Trends: Comprehensive Production of Dietary Supplements

In company IOC we adapt our contract production services to the dynamically evolving trends in the dietary supplements industry. Our advanced technological capabilities, including micronization, nanotechnology, microencapsulation and micelle formation, enable the production of a wide range of supplements. We offer immune support and eye health, as well as products that support mental health, sleep and concentration. We also specialize in solutions for bone and joint health, electrolytes in the form of tablets and powders, as well as the production of plant and vegan supplements, in line with dietary trends and the need for innovative protein sources. Our ISO 9001, 22716, GMP, GHP, HACCP, CSR certificates confirm our commitment to maintaining the highest industry standards.

Advanced Production Process of Dietary Supplements in IOC

1. Product Formulation: The process begins with developing a precise formula that combines the right doses of ingredients to ensure the product's effectiveness.
2. Raw Material Selection: We select raw materials based on quality and potency, including ingredients based on scientific evidence.
3. Formula valuation: We analyze raw material and formulation costs to ensure cost effectiveness.
4. Order: The process begins with placing an order and confirming commitments.
5. Purchasing Raw Materials: We order raw materials, which are then quarantined and tested in accordance with cGMP, HACCP and ISO 9001 regulations.
6. Laboratory Work: In this phase, we create test batches of the product to verify the formula.
7. Pilot Party: We test the formula on production equipment to ensure the product is produced correctly.
8. Production and Testing: In this phase, we produce the supplements and then conduct a series of tests to ensure their quality and effectiveness.
9. Testing of Final Products: We re-test finished products to ensure they meet all quality standards.
10. Certificate of Analysis: We issue a certificate of analysis which is then forwarded to the customer prior to distribution.

Quality Standards and Certificates in IOC: Commitment to Excellence

Quality Standards and Certificates in IOC: Commitment to Excellence
W IOC, striving for the highest quality and compliance with rigorous standards is key to us. We are proud to have certifications that include:
- ISO 9001: International standard for quality management.
- ISO 22716: Standard of Good Manufacturing Practice for cosmetics.
- GMP: Production quality assurance and control.
- GHP: Hygiene standards in production.
- HACCP: Food safety management system.
- CSR: Corporate social responsibility.
Additionally, we are certified as a MANUFACTURER OF COSMETICS, DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS, FOODS FOR SPECIAL NUTRITIONAL AND MEDICAL PURPOSES AND RAW MATERIALS, which confirms our competences in these areas. Regular audits, detailed product tests and constant monitoring of production processes guarantee that our products are safe, effective and meet the highest customer expectations.

Innovation and Manufacturing Excellence: Why Choose IOC

Our advanced research and development (R&D) laboratory enables the creation of innovative formulas and scaling production from the laboratory to the production scale. We are an ideal partner for scientists and inventors who want to commercialize their discoveries. With extensive experience in transforming laboratory innovations into finished products, we offer unique value to our customers.
Moreover, our exceptional cost efficiency, especially in the production of soft-gel capsules, makes us unrivaled in the market. We maintain the highest quality standards while maintaining competitive prices, providing our customers with the best products in their class.

FAQ: Questions and Answers: Contract production of dietary supplements, health products, dietary supplements, contract production, private label, ...

What is the minimum order [MOQ] in IOC?

The minimum order quantities are: 150. hard capsules (e.g. 5 thousand packages of 30 capsules), 300 thousand soft-gel capsules, 200 thousand sachets.

Will I pay extra to create the formula?

We will prepare your dietary supplement formula free of charge. If the production of the dietary supplement itself is technologically complex, we may ask you to perform technological tests before production. This service is subject to an additional fee, but technological tests are usually not necessary. 

Do I need to provide the exact composition of the dietary supplement?

You can do this, but you don't have to. We will be happy to prepare a formula for you that meets the indicated scope of action of the dietary supplement or your other requirements.

Can I receive a sample or packaging design for my dietary supplement from you? How much is it?

The development of content for the packaging of your dietary supplement in accordance with applicable regulations (EU or USA) is free of charge. If you need us to create branding and graphic design, this service costs PLN 1000. 

Can you give me legal advice regarding labels, advertising, etc.?

IOC does not provide legal services, but we are happy to share our knowledge in the field of food law or dietary supplements on basic issues. In complicated matters, we recommend to our clients a trusted law firm with which we cooperate, specializing in food and pharmacy law.

What choices do I have when it comes to the packaging of my dietary supplement?

Because we are contract manufacturer dietary supplements (and not a manufacturer offering OEM or "white label"), i.e. each time we create a product exclusively for our client, you can choose any packaging available on the market for your supplement. We will be happy to show you the most frequently chosen packaging by our customers.

How many years of experience do you have in the production of dietary supplements?

We have been producing dietary supplements continuously since 2009, so we have over 15 years of experience in the production and formulation of dietary supplements. So far, we have created supplement brands not only for the Polish market, but above all we export our products abroad, to all continents. Therefore, we have experience and knowledge regarding the expectations of customers from all over the world regarding dietary supplements and medical food.

Do you have a program for verifying suppliers of raw materials that you use in the production process?

Yes, we maintain a register of qualified suppliers. We audit our suppliers and assess the quality of the services they provide and the raw materials and packaging delivered to us IOC. Before each purchase, we check whether the raw material or packaging meets legal requirements in the field of food. 

What Internal or External Audits do you carry out?

We are regularly audited by the State Sanitary Inspection and other state institutions (e.g. Veterinary Institute, Central Office of Measures  and other state units). Additionally, we are subject to audits by companies that certify us in the field of ISO and other certificates we hold. We also regularly conduct internal audits to improve quality IOC.

What is the company's approach IOC for the use of additives and auxiliary substances in the production process of dietary supplements?

W IOC, we attach great importance to the quality and safety of our dietary supplements. For example, we do not use titanium dioxide, which is an example of a substance that is definitely being abandoned. In the case of other safe additives and excipients, our policy is to minimize them. We use them only in the necessary, minimum quantities required for the production process. Additionally, we propose conducting technological tests on the customer's formula before production to examine the possibility of complete elimination of these substances, ensuring the highest standards of product quality and effectiveness.