Everything You Want to Know About Hard Capsules


What are hard capsules?

Hard capsules, also known as hard gelatin capsules, are solid dosage forms of drugs and dietary supplements that contain one or more ingredients, usually the ingredients in dry form.

What are hard capsules made of?

The main ingredient of hard capsules is gelatin. They may also contain materials such as plasticizers, dyes, matting agents and preservatives. Vegan versions are made from hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) and may contain vegetable plasticizers, colors and preservatives compatible with a vegan diet.

What sizes of hard capsules are available?

Hard capsules are available in sizes 000 (largest) to 5 (smallest). In our company IOC We offer capsules in sizes 0 and 00, which are the most popular for various types of dietary supplements.

How is the production of empty hard capsules carried out?

The production of hard capsules is carried out using the immersion method, which involves preparing a gelatin solution, dipping gelatin on metal pins, drying and joining the finished capsule parts.

What is the process of filling hard capsules?

Filling of hard capsules is carried out using technologies ranging from manual filling to large-scale automatic filling. The process includes straightening the capsules, dosing the filler material and closing the capsules. IN IOC we use automatic capsule machines.

What are the advantages of hard capsules?

Hard capsules are optimal for powders, resistant to odors and flavors, provide quick release, improved bioavailability, easier to swallow, require fewer additives, effectively mask taste and odor, allow for formula flexibility and offer customization options.

Production of Dietary Supplements in IOC step by step

W IOC we have modern technological facilities that allow us to produce dietary supplements in various forms. Our plant is equipped with advanced machinery and technologies, which allows us to produce a wide range of supplements tailored to the individual needs of our customers.

Key Aspects of the Production Process

Each stage of production is carried out with the utmost attention to quality. From the selection of raw materials, through production processes, to final packaging - each step is carefully monitored. We use raw materials only from proven suppliers, which guarantees that our products are safe and effective.

Weighing Raw Materials – The Beginning of the Process

Weighing raw materials is the first step in our production. In this phase, we carefully measure each ingredient to ensure optimal proportions. This is crucial to achieving consistency and effectiveness in the final product.

Mixing Ingredients – The Heart of the Process

After precise weighing, the raw materials are mixed. This phase is extremely important because it ensures even distribution of ingredients throughout the product. We use specialized mixing machines that guarantee perfect consistency and homogeneity of the mixture.

Variety of Capsule Forms – Adaptation to Requirements

The next step in our production process is encapsulation. We specialize in creating various forms of capsules, which allows us to adapt the product to the specific needs of our customers:

  • Hard Capsules: Available in sizes "0" and "00", ideal for standard supplement doses.
  • Soft Gel Capsules: Flexible in formulation, ideal for oily ingredients and larger doses.

Packing – The Last Stage of the Process

After the encapsulation process, we start packaging. We offer various packaging options, including sachets, containers and bottles. Each of these packaging options is tailored to the different needs of our customers, ensuring the safety and long-term storage of the product.

Pouring the Mixture/Granulate into Sachets

The sachets are ideal for packaging powder or granules. They are easy to use and allow you to quickly prepare single doses of the product. The sachets are also convenient to transport and store.

Pouring Liquid and Semi-Liquid Forms

In our production plant, we also have the ability to pour supplements in liquid and semi-liquid forms. This option is particularly beneficial for products that require quick absorption by the body, as well as for customers who prefer an alternative to tablets or capsules. Our production lines are adapted to bottling various types of liquids, from syrups to vitamin and oil mixtures.

Quality Control and Product Safety

Product safety and quality are our priority. We use rigorous quality control procedures at every stage of production to ensure that each supplement meets the highest standards. Our testing laboratories use modern testing techniques to ensure our products are effective, safe and compliant with regulatory requirements.

Innovation and Adaptation to Customer Needs

W IOC We constantly strive to innovate and improve our production processes. Thanks to our experience and advanced technologies, we are able to adapt production to the individual needs of customers, creating dietary supplements that are unique on the market. Our team of experts works with clients at every stage, from formula design to final product packaging.

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