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Welcome to the website IOC sp. z o. o., your trusted partner in the production of soft-gel capsules. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing high-quality products that meet the unique needs of our customers. Understanding the production process, personalization possibilities and innovative solutions we offer is crucial for our customers and business partners. Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions that will help you better understand our services and solutions. If you have additional questions or need an individual consultation, please contact us directly. We are here to help you find the perfect solutions for your soft-gel capsule production needs.

What are soft-gel capsules and what are they used for?

Soft-gel capsules are a special type of capsules that have a soft, flexible shell, usually made of gelatin, water and plasticizers. They are designed to encapsulate and protect various types of substances, including oils, vitamins, minerals and other active ingredients. These capsules are very popular in the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical industries because they allow for easy and effective delivery of active ingredients in liquid form to the body. Additionally, they are easier to swallow than traditional tablets and can be tailored to suit different needs, for example by changing color or adding flavors to increase consumer appeal.

What ingredients can be placed in soft-gel capsules?

The company's soft-gel capsules IOC Ltd. they can contain a wide range of ingredients, making them extremely versatile. The most popular include various types of oils, such as fish oils rich in omega-3, vegetable oils (e.g. linseed oil, hemp seed oil), and other oils with health benefits. We can also include vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, as well as other active ingredients used in dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products. Thanks to our advanced technologies, we are able to adapt the composition of capsules to the specific requirements of our customers, offering custom solutions in line with the latest trends and research in the health and wellness industry.

Czy IOC Ltd. offers the possibility of producing capsules with a colored shell?

Yes, v IOC Ltd. we offer the possibility of producing soft-gel capsules with a colored shell, adapting to the individual needs of our customers. Thanks to the use of natural and safe dyes, we are able to create capsules in various colors, which allows the product to stand out on the market and increase its visual attractiveness. The color of the casing can be matched to the customer's specifications, which is especially important for brands that want to emphasize their uniqueness or convey specific product values. Our production processes are flexible and in line with the highest quality standards, which guarantees that each batch of capsules is not only aesthetically made, but also meets all safety and effectiveness requirements.

What makes it stand out? IOC Ltd. as a manufacturer of soft-gel capsules?

IOC Ltd. stands out on the market as a manufacturer of soft-gel capsules thanks to our commitment to innovation, quality and individual approach to each client. We have advanced production technologies that allow us to create high-quality soft-gel capsules with a variety of active ingredients. Our production process is closely monitored for quality and safety, ensuring that each batch of product meets the highest industry standards. Additionally, we offer extensive product personalization options, including coloring the shell and adjusting the formula of active ingredients, which allows customers to create unique products tailored to their specific needs. Our experience and dedication in research and development allow us to constantly adapt to changing market trends and customer needs, which makes us a leader in the soft-gel capsules industry.

What are the main advantages of soft-gel capsules produced by your company?

The main advantages of soft-gel capsules produced by IOC Ltd. include their high quality, precision of workmanship and the ability to effectively deliver active ingredients. Our capsules are characterized by excellent bioavailability, which means that the active ingredients are quickly and effectively absorbed by the body. Thanks to the flexible and soft shell, they are easy to swallow, which increases the comfort of use, especially for people who have difficulty swallowing hard tablets. In addition, we offer a wide range of personalization, including various sizes, shapes and colors of capsules, which allows us to adapt the products to the individual needs of our customers. An additional advantage is our flexibility in encapsulating a variety of ingredients, from oils and vitamins to more specialized substances. The quality of our soft-gel capsules is ensured by rigorous inspection procedures and compliance with the latest industry standards.

Can you produce soft-gel capsules with suspension?

Yes, v IOC Ltd. we have the ability to produce soft-gel capsules with suspension. This advanced method allows for the encapsulation of active substances in the form of a suspension, which is ideal for ingredients that cannot be encapsulated in pure liquid or powder form. Suspensions allow for precise dosing of active ingredients and can improve the stability and bioavailability of some substances. Our R&D team works closely with customers to develop custom formulas that meet their specific needs and requirements. Thanks to our modern production technologies, we are able to effectively create soft-gel capsules with suspensions, while maintaining high quality and safety standards.

What are the different types of soft gelatin capsules offered by IOC Ltd.?

W IOC Ltd. We offer a variety of soft gelatin capsules to meet a wide range of our customers' needs. Our offer includes:

  • 20 Oblong: Large capsules with an elongated shape, ideal for containing larger amounts of active ingredients.
  • 10 Oval: Medium-sized oval capsules, perfect for standard supplement doses.
  • 6 Oval: Slightly smaller oval capsules, suitable for medium to low doses.
  • 3 Oval: Small oval capsules, ideal for small doses of ingredients.
  • 5 Drops Twist Off: Special capsules with an easy-to-open closure, perfect for single doses.
  • 3 Drops Twist Off: A smaller version of Twist Off capsules, also intended for single use.

Each capsule type is precisely designed to ensure optimal availability of bioactive ingredients and meet the specific needs of our customers.

What quality standards and certifications does your production of soft-gel capsules have?

Production of soft-gel capsules in IOC Ltd. adheres to rigorous quality standards, which are confirmed by a number of certificates. We have a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificate, which is crucial in the pharmaceutical and dietary supplements industries. In addition, our company is certified to ISO standards, demonstrating our commitment to maintaining international quality and safety standards. IOC is also guided by corporate social responsibility (CSR). Regular audits and quality checks allow us to maintain these high standards, providing our customers with top-class products. Thanks to this, our customers can be sure that they receive products that not only meet, but often exceed industry and regulatory requirements.

What is the process of ordering and producing soft-gel capsules?

The ordering and production process of soft-gel capsules IOC Ltd. is carefully planned to ensure the highest quality and customer satisfaction. The process begins with a customer consultation to discuss order details, including product specifications, required quantities and delivery times. Once the requirements are determined, our team of experts develops an individually tailored formula and capsule design. Then we move to the production phase, where we use modern technologies and GMP procedures to ensure that each batch of the product meets the established quality standards. After production, the capsules go through a series of quality checks, including composition and purity tests, before they are packed and shipped to the customer. Our team stays in constant contact with the customer at every stage of the process to ensure timely execution of the order and complete satisfaction.

What are your minimum order quantities (MOQ) for soft-gel capsules?

Minimum order [MOQ] in IOC that's 300 thousand capsules, which translates into, for example, 5 packages of 60 capsules each. The minimum may be higher for more complex technologies and formulations. In the case of suspensions or colored coatings, it is necessary to perform technological tests.

Do you offer support in designing formulas and packaging of soft-gel capsules?

Yes, v IOC Ltd. we offer support in designing formulas and packaging soft-gel capsules. We specialize in full-range contract manufacturing and branding, which includes a wide range of services, from the design of dietary supplements, through contract manufacturing, to branding and product registration. We are equipped to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to the individual needs of our clients, ensuring unique products and the opportunity to build your own brand. Our experience and knowledge are perfectly tailored to the needs of customers who value the highest quality and exclusivity of the offer.

Can you provide large-scale production of soft-gel capsules?

Yes, in our company IOC Ltd. we are able to provide production of soft-gel capsules on both small and large scale for individual orders. We have the experience and resources necessary to complete orders of various sizes, adapting to the individual needs of our clients. Our scope of services includes comprehensive support, from design to final production, guaranteeing the highest quality and uniqueness of products regardless of the size of the order.

What are the typical lead times for orders for soft-gel capsules?

Currently, the execution of orders for the production of soft capsules takes approximately 3 to 6 months, depending on the composition of the supplement. However, please ask about the expected delivery date before placing your order. Dates may change.

Can I place a trial order before a larger production batch?

Yes, v IOC Ltd. It is possible to place a trial order before implementing a larger production batch. This solution involves carrying out technological tests to ensure the high quality of the final product. As part of these trials, the customer will receive a trial batch of capsules, which will allow for the assessment and possible adjustment of production parameters before initiating a full production series.

Do you offer advice on market trends and innovations in the soft-gel industry?

Yes, v IOC Ltd. we offer advice on market trends and innovations in the soft-gel industry. As specialists in contract production and creating premium brands, we have extensive knowledge and experience that enable us to follow the latest trends and innovations on the market. Our services include comprehensive consulting aimed at helping our clients create unique and innovative products that meet current market requirements. We support our clients not only in technological and production aspects, but also in marketing strategies and product positioning to provide them with a competitive advantage in the cosmetics and dietary supplements market.

To which countries can we export dietary supplements produced in? IOC?

IOC Ltd. is a company based in Poland, specializing in contract production of cosmetics, dietary supplements and foodstuffs for special nutritional and medical purposes. As a manufacturer with an established position on the market, IOC has the opportunity to offer its services on various international markets. In the production of soft capsules, IOC has the capabilities and competences to meet the requirements and regulations of various countries. The company ensures full compliance with local regulations and quality standards, which is crucial in the cosmetics and dietary supplements industry. IOC is able to deliver the highest quality products to customers in various regions of the world, including European Union countries.

Innovative Solutions in the Production of Soft-Gel Capsules from IOC Ltd

Welcome to the world of advanced technologies and dedications that define our business in IOC Ltd. as a leading manufacturer of soft-gel capsules. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we specialize in creating high-quality soft-gel capsules that are used in a variety of health and wellness sectors. Our passion for innovation and continuous improvement of production processes allows us to offer products that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers.

Using the latest technologies and observing rigorous quality standards, IOC Ltd. is dynamically developing in the field of soft capsule production. Our offer includes a wide range of soft-gel capsules, designed with effectiveness, safety and comfort of use in mind. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver innovative solutions that are a testament to our deep understanding of the needs of the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical markets.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and experience the difference that comes from cooperation with a trusted manufacturer of soft capsules, such as IOC Ltd. Whether you are looking for standard soft-gel solutions or custom formulas tailored to your unique needs, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Advantages of Soft-Gel Capsules

  • Ease of Swallowing: Thanks to the flexible structure of Soft-Gel capsules, they easily pass through the esophagus, which is comfortable for all users.
  • Fast Absorption: The content of the capsules is quickly absorbed by the body, which guarantees effectiveness.
  • Unique Shape and Color Possibilities: Thanks to advanced technologies, IOC Ltd. offers capsules in various shapes and colors, which allows you to create a unique product.

Production Process and Ingredients

Transparency and Quality in Production
Our Soft-Gel capsules production process includes:

  • Preparation of Gelatin: We use high-quality gelatin to ensure the perfect consistency of the capsule shell.
  • Natural Dyes and Flavors: All ingredients are carefully selected to ensure naturalness and safety.
  • Rigorous Packing: We ensure the highest quality and purity of the product until the packaging stage.

Variety of Forms and Specialized Solutions

Soft-Gel Capsules For Every Need
The offer includes:

  • Chewable and Suckable Capsules: Perfect for people who have difficulty swallowing traditional tablets.
  • Twist-Off Capsules: Allows easy opening and use.
  • Specialized Gelatin Capsules: Perfect for liquid raw materials, such as omega oil.

Personalization options and MOQ

Your Brand, Our Expertise

  • Personalization: We will customize the shape, size and color of the capsules according to your brand vision.
  • Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ): Flexibility in contract manufacturing, tailored to your business needs. We carry out orders from approximately PLN 2500. packages (120 capsules per package).

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