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Dietary Supplements Market in Poland and in the World


In recent years market Dietary supplements are gaining importance, which is the result of the growing health awareness of societies around the world and the increasing popularity of natural and organic products. According to the latest research conducted by PMR and Polaris Market Research, the global dietary supplements market reached a value of USD 178,82 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow at a rate of 8,8% annually until 2032.

This dynamic expansion is driven not only by increased consumer interest in a healthy lifestyle, but also by product innovations and the development of e-commerce markets that facilitate access to a variety of supplements. On the Polish market, the value of the dietary supplements industry is also growing, reaching PLN 6,9 billion in 2022, which proves local interest and adaptation to global trends.

Both reports emphasize that the key factors contributing to the growth are not only increased consumer awareness of health and well-being, but also the sector's response to the growing demand for products supporting immunity and overall fitness, which was particularly evident during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Global trends in the dietary supplements market

The dietary supplements market has experienced significant growth globally, reaching a value of USD 178,82 billion in 2023. Forecasts for the coming years indicate that the growth rate of this market will remain at 8,8% annually until 2032. The main factors driving this growth are the growing health awareness of societies and the growing interest in natural and organic products.

In response to these changing consumer needs, producers of dietary supplements around the world introduce innovative products to the market that not only support general health, but also respond to specific needs, such as supporting immune functions, weight management, or improving sports performance. This trend is visible both in developed economies and in rapidly developing markets, where more and more consumers are choosing supplementation as a way to improve the quality of life.

At the same time, the significant development of e-commerce channels enables easier access to a wide range of supplement products, which additionally contributes to the global expansion of the market. Thanks to online platforms, consumers from all over the world can easily obtain information and purchase supplements that best suit their individual health needs.

While the global dietary supplement market is growing, it remains a highly competitive and fragmented sector, presenting challenges for companies seeking to increase their visibility and market share. Nevertheless, the ever-increasing demand for health products and dietary supplements predicts further growth prospects for this sector in the future.

The importance of e-commerce and product innovation

E-commerce has played a key role in shaping the dietary supplement market, enabling consumers to more easily access a wide range of products regardless of their geographic location. Online platforms make it much easier to compare prices, compositions and opinions about various supplements, which allows consumers to make more informed choices. The increased popularity of online shopping, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, has further accelerated the expansion of the e-commerce market in the dietary supplements segment.

Product innovations are equally important for the development of the dietary supplements market. Companies are increasingly bringing new formulas and products to market that meet consumers' specific health needs and preferences. Sports supplements that support muscle performance and recovery, as well as products focused on improving overall health, such as immune support and stress management supplements, are gaining in popularity.

Modern technologies and advanced production methods also enable the creation of supplements in various formats, from traditional tablets and capsules to modern gels, liquids or even chewable forms, which are particularly attractive to younger consumers. Additionally, the trend for "clean label" products, i.e. those free from artificial additives and preservatives, is gaining more and more supporters, which motivates producers to constantly improve the compositions of their products.

E-commerce combined with product innovations not only contributes to the growth of the dietary supplements market, but also increases its dynamics and competitiveness, which results in better satisfaction of the health needs of modern consumers. Increased confidence in online shopping and advances in product formulations translate into long-term changes in purchasing behavior and consumer preferences in the dietary supplement market.

The Polish market in the context of global trends

The dietary supplements market in Poland is developing dynamically, reflecting global trends in increasing health awareness and interest in natural and specialized products. The value of this market reached PLN 2022 billion in 6,9, which proves the significant potential and openness of Polish consumers to new products in the field of supplementation.

This growth is driven not only by the growing popularity of health-supporting products, such as immune and weight management supplements, but also by product innovations that are attracting the attention of consumers looking for personalized health solutions. The Polish market, like global markets, is characterized by an increased interest in sports supplements, which are more and more willingly chosen not only by professionals, but also by sports enthusiasts.

Moreover, Poles are increasingly using online shopping, which has been further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. E-commerce is an important distribution channel for dietary supplements, which is visible in the growing number of platforms and online stores specializing in this product category. This trend indicates a long-term change in Poles' purchasing behavior and opens new opportunities for companies operating in the industry.

The dietary supplement market in Poland is expected to continue its expansion in the coming years, supported by both local and global factors. The growth of this market segment will also be supported by continued product innovation and increased consumer education on the benefits of regular use of dietary supplements.

In a global context, Poland is becoming an increasingly important player in the dietary supplements market, both as a sales market and as a potential center for innovation and development of health products, which can attract foreign investments and strengthen the country's position in the international health arena.

Popularization of superfoods and CBD

In Poland, as in other global markets, we are observing a significant increase in the popularity of superfoods and CBD-based products. Superfoods, or foods high in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, are gaining importance due to their potential health benefits. They are valued for their ability to support the immune system, improve metabolism and overall health.

CBD (cannabidiol)-based products are also enjoying growing interest among consumers, mainly due to their anti-inflammatory, analgesic and calming properties. CBD, extracted mainly from hemp, is used not only in dietary supplements, but also in cosmetics and food products, which proves its versatility and growing acceptance by society.

Consumer perception towards these products is generally positive, especially among people interested in a healthy lifestyle and natural methods of supporting health. Many people are looking for alternatives to traditional medications and supplements, gravitating towards options that are perceived as more effective natural and have fewer side effects. At the same time, the growing popularity of these products is supported by numerous scientific studies that highlight their potential health benefits, contributing to a further increase in their popularity on the Polish market.

Despite this, both superfoods and CBD-based products continue to face regulatory and legal challenges that may impact their availability and consumer perception. Therefore, it is important that manufacturers and distributors of these products continue to educate consumers and engage in dialogue with regulators to ensure clarity about the benefits and safety of their products.

The future of the dietary supplements market

The future of the dietary supplements market, both globally and in Poland, looks bright. Forecasts indicate further, stable growth of this sector, driven by profound changes in health awareness and consumer habits. Consumers around the world are increasingly turning to dietary supplements as a way to improve overall well-being, manage specific health issues or improve physical performance.

Development of innovative products

Product innovation will play a key role in the future of the supplement market. Companies are increasingly researching and developing new ingredients and formulas that can better meet the individual needs of consumers. The development of technologies, such as personalization of supplementation based on genetics or biomechanics, opens new possibilities for personalized health products. These advances may further increase demand for supplements, making them an integral part of everyday health care.

The increasing importance of e-commerce

E-commerce will continue its expansion as the preferred channel for purchasing dietary supplements. Pandemic COVID-19 has significantly accelerated the adoption of digital shopping solutions, and this trend is expected to continue to grow. Accessibility, convenience and the ability to individually configure shopping are just some of the advantages that attract consumers to online.

Sustainability and transparency

Consumers are increasingly interested in where their supplements come from and how they are produced. Transparency regarding ingredient sources, production methods and environmental impact are becoming important factors in product selection. Companies that focus on sustainable practices and open communication can gain a competitive advantage.

Market regulations

As the dietary supplement market grows, you can also expect increased regulation from governments and international health authorities. Ensuring that products are safe and effective will be crucial to maintaining consumer confidence and market stability.

The role of education

Consumer education will play an increasingly important role. Informing them about the benefits and potential risks associated with dietary supplements will help build an informed and responsible approach to supplementation.

To sum up, the future of the dietary supplements market is promising, with great opportunities for the development of products tailored to the increasingly aware and demanding consumer. Continuing trends in innovation, sustainability and education will contribute to the long-term growth and evolution of this dynamic market.


While the dietary supplements market in Poland and around the world continues its dynamic expansion, the key conclusions from our analysis paint a picture of an industry that is increasingly responding to the changing health needs of consumers. These markets are driven by product innovation, growing health awareness and the evolution of online shopping, which together form a modern infrastructure for access to dietary supplements.

Nevertheless, the role of education and transparency in production is equally important, as they constitute the foundation for building consumer trust. In Poland and around the world, we can observe an increase in interest in health-supporting products, such as superfoods and CBD, which open new opportunities for the sector.

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To sum up, the dietary supplement market faces a bright future, full of opportunities and innovations. We invite you to join us in these exciting times to shape the future of health locally and globally.

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