Hard capsules manufactured by IOC, ideal for dietary supplements, available in various sizes and made of plant or gelatin materials

Hard Capsules: Production of Dietary Supplements – IOC

Hard capsules are one of the most popular dosage forms of dietary supplements. Business IOC offers comprehensive contract production services for hard capsules, ensuring the highest quality and compliance with international standards.

What are Hard Capsules?

Hard capsules are two-piece shells made of gelatin or plant materials, filled with powdered ingredients. They are ideal for precise dosing of dietary supplements.

Advantages of Hard Capsules

  • Fast Dissolving: Release active substances within a few minutes.
  • Taste Protection: Isolate ingredients against unpleasant taste.
  • Ease of Swallowing: Smaller than tablets, making them easier to take.

Production process

  • stuff: Capsules are produced from gelling solutions such as gelatin or HPMC, with the addition of plasticizers, dyes and preservatives.
  • Technology: W production process advanced technologies are used, such as forming, drying, filling and closing capsules, in accordance with ISO 22000 and GMP standards.
  • Personalization: Possibility to produce vegan capsules and adapt to individual customer needs.
Hard capsule production IOC contract manufacturer

Standard Two-Piece Capsule Sizes

SizeVolume (ml)Length of closed capsule (mm)Outer Diameter (mm)


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hard capsules - when the capsules are filled with vitamin or plant powder IOC

Use of Hard Capsules

Hard capsules are used in dietary supplements containing vitamins, minerals, herbs and other active substances. They are a convenient and effective form of dosage, appreciated by both producers and consumers.

Division into Hard and Soft Capsules

Soft capsules (Softgels): Soft capsules such as Advil Liqui-Gels are ideal for containing liquid ingredients. Their production requires advanced technologies that ensure uniformity of content and minimize contact operators with active substances. More info on page Producer of Soft-Gel.

Hard capsules: Patented in 1847 by James Murdoch, hard capsules are produced by immersing metal pins in a gelling solution, forming, filling and sealing. They contain Powder or granules and are ideal for precise dosing. You can read more about hard capsules here.


IOC is the leader in production of dietary supplements in the form of hard capsules, offering technologically advanced solutions, high quality and full adaptation to customer needs. Hard capsules are an ideal form of dietary supplements, combining convenience and effectiveness.

Additional information

For more information about the production of hard capsules by IOC, visit IOC – Manufacturer of Hard Capsules.

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