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How to produce a dietary supplement – ​​Guide

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    How to Produce Your Own Dietary Supplement

    Below you will find a simple guide on how to produce a supplement under your own brand.
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    Estimated time from idea to implementation 3 months
    Approximate total cost 40000 PLN

    What you need?

    - An idea for an interesting dietary supplement. If you don't have one, ask your contract manufacturer for advice
    - Determine the target group of your future customers
    - Web page. You should have it when your dietary supplement is ready for sale

    Production of dietary supplements under your brand. How does the process work?

    Call us. Tell us about your idea, concerns and what you need our support with. Our comprehensive service includes everything you need.

    If you need to, ask to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before sharing your ideas with us. 

    You should receive a response from us within 48 hours calculations production of your dietary supplement along with all details on the total costs of contract manufacturing of the dietary supplement.

    Attention! If you have not received a response within 48 hours (two business days), please check your spam box. E-mails come from "@"" or "". If you have any problems, please call us! We do not leave any questions unanswered.

    Illustrated step-by-step guide to the first step of the scheme_ Send an inquiry or call the manufacturer of the contract supplement
    2. Accept the initial offer

    Let us know when you think about our offer or have any questions.

    W IOC We do not hide any additional costs, so sometimes our offer may seem high at first glance. We will be grateful if you compare all the components of our offer with other offers you have received.

    If you decide to work with us, it's time to move on to the next stage - we will define the terms of our cooperation so that you know exactly what you are investing in and on what terms.

    It's time for us to send you a draft of the cooperation agreement, i.e. contract production of your dietary supplement.

    visualization of the "Offer acceptance" step in the "How to do it" process, specially adapted to the scenario of dietary supplement production. The image shows a scene in an office where a person looks contentedly at a computer screen that displays a confirmation of acceptance of an offer from IOC. In the background there is a calendar with a 48-hour period marked and a reminder to check your spam folder if you have not received a response within this time. This image aims to capture the emotion and attention to detail that are key at this stage of the business process.
    3. Sign the cooperation agreement between us

    Our cooperation agreement describes all the rules of the agreement between us - the scope of responsibility, how any complaints will be considered, the price and delivery dates, the exact specification of your supplement, a description of the research and all other important aspects of our cooperation.

    If you have no objections to its provisions, sign the contract (electronically or analogue) and send us the signed version. 

    We can start! Only at this stage do we issue an invoice for the amount defined in the contract you previously signed. Make a payment. 


    visualization of the step "Signing a contract for the production of a dietary supplement and payment for the production service" in the "How to do it" process. The image shows a professional setting in which a person signs a contract for the production of dietary supplements. There is a contract and a pen visible on the desk, and next to it a financial document or invoice indicating payment for the production service. This image aims to capture the formality and importance of this key step in the business process, highlighting the involvement and financial aspects involved in supplement production.
    4. Purchase of the highest quality raw materials and packaging for your supplement

    Now rest while we get to work! We will bend over backwards to more than meet your expectations! 

    We start collecting all the raw materials and packaging you dreamed of and subject them to quality control. We do it individually for each of our clients because we know that no two people have exactly the same idea and dream. 

    Here we go survey samples to select the best quality raw materials and ensure that they all meet the strict standards IOC. 

    We carry out internal trials and tests. We also work on marketing content and present graphic designs of your supplement to you. We prepare documents and ensure that you meet the legal standards in your country.

    visualization of the "Purchase of raw materials and packaging, graphic and content design" step in the production process of dietary supplements. The image clearly depicts two separate activities: on the one hand, the professional carefully examines and selects high-quality raw materials for supplements, presenting various ingredients. On the other hand, the designer carefully focuses on the computer screen, developing the packaging and content design, with visible graphics and text layouts. The scene takes place in a dynamic office environment, highlighting the careful selection of raw materials and the creative packaging design process. This image aims to highlight both the careful selection of ingredients and the artistic aspect of packaging design.
    5. Custom production of dietary supplements under your brand in our production plant

    Jako contract manufacturer dietary supplements, each batch of our products is a unique work of art with a quality guarantee. Starting with purchasing the freshest raw materials for each production individually, sometimes we have to wait up to 16 weeks for delivery, especially when they come from distant corners of the world. We need these components to get started production process.

    But don't worry! As soon as the raw materials arrive, the production process in our plant gains momentum. Depending on the specifications, we turn ingredients into ready-made supplements within a few days to a maximum of 3 weeks.

    Your product is ready for action!

    illustration showing the "Production of your Dietary Supplement in our Production Plant" stage. The image shows the production process in a modern production plant. Machines and workers actively involved in the production of dietary supplements are presented, with visible raw materials and packaging elements. The scene reflects the efficiency and speed of the production process, while drawing attention to the waiting period for raw materials and packaging and the current queue on the production lines. This image is intended to reflect the full life of a production line and to emphasize the importance of asking about expected production times at the quoting stage.
    6. Registration of a dietary supplement, necessary documentation.

    As part of our contract manufacturing service for dietary supplements, we provide comprehensive registration of your product in accordance with European Union regulations - all at no additional cost to introduce the product to the market. We will be happy to take over this process, of course after obtaining your consent.

    Are you planning to expand the distribution of your supplements outside the EU? Please let us know! In most cases, we are able to offer you support in these markets as well. Additionally, as part of our package, you will receive a comprehensive product dossier. It contains all the documents necessary to meet the requirements legal EU and enable the distribution of your supplement within the EU.

    illustration showing the stage "Registration of the Dietary Supplement in the Appropriate Offices, Preparation of the Dietary Supplement Documentation". The image shows an office environment with professionals working on computers and analyzing documents. They are involved in the process of collecting all necessary documents and registering the dietary supplement with the relevant authorities. The scene includes legal documents, computers displaying forms and the European Union flag, symbolizing the free EU registration process. This image is intended to capture the finalization of the regulatory requirements necessary to bring a dietary supplement to market, highlighting the added value of this service to the overall cost of supplement contract manufacturing.

    Additional tips

    It is worth remembering several key aspects that can help you prepare even better for cooperation with a contract manufacturer of dietary supplements:

    1. Expand Your Vision: Before you make a connection contact with the manufacturer, spend some time developing your product vision. It's not just about ingredients and packaging, but also about the values ​​your brand represents and the way you want your product to impact the lives of your customers.

    2. Understanding the Market: Gain knowledge about current trends in the dietary supplements industry and the needs and expectations of your target group. Thanks to this, you will be able to better adapt your product to the market and increase its chances of success.

    3. Sustainable development: Consider aspects related to sustainability and ecology. Nowadays, customers are increasingly looking for eco-friendly products, so consider how you can integrate these values ​​into your product.

    4. Communication and Feedback: Maintain open and regular communication with the manufacturer throughout the process. Be open to suggestions and ready to make changes based on feedback from experts.

    5. Do your research: Before finalizing a supplement formula, consider conducting market research or product testing to verify its acceptance by potential consumers.

    6. SEO optimization: In the early stages of product development, think about marketing strategy and search engine optimization (SEO). This way, when your product hits the market, it will have a strong position in search results, which will increase its visibility.

    Remember that the success of your supplement depends not only on its quality, but also on the way you communicate its value and differentiate it in the market. Collaboration with an experienced contract manufacturer, such as IOC, gives you solid foundations, but it's up to you how you build your success on them.

    and one last piece of advice - we are here to help you!

    Why us?

    Why choose IOC as a contract manufacturer of your supplement?
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