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Commercialization of New Technologies

We discover and commercialize new technologies for the production of supplements

Thanks to cooperation with scientists from all over the world International Organic Company (IOC) has truly innovative solutions. In contract production, we offer our own technologies, developed by our specialists, and those that we have on a license basis. Below is brief information about the technologies available immediately. Many others are not listed here because they are in development.

Innovators and scientists! Development and commercialization of contract production technologies for supplements and food

We are happy to cooperate with scientists and research units around the world, acting as a business partner in commercialization and introduction to market real innovations. We are an expert in scaling production of dietary supplements on the way from the scientific laboratory to the global market.

Cooperation with a contract manufacturer - science and business

Ready to scale and bring a supplement or functional food to market? We are here to amplify your impact. Contact us and find out how we can turn your innovative concepts into commercial successes.

Our journey together

From lab to development: We assess the feasibility, functionality and market readiness of your product. Scale-up challenges: We adapt lab processes to large production volumes using our contract manufacturing expertise. Go to market: We tailor marketing and distribution strategies to the needs of your target audience recipients. Your discovery, our mission: Together we can transform scientific potential into market reality. Let's act to make science accessible, one innovation at a time.
Technologies and Innovations for 2024 produced in our plants in Poland
Nanoemulsions without synthetic emulsifiers: Developed in collaboration with leading research centers, these emulsions enable the incorporation of fat-soluble vitamins and CBD for water formulas.Exosomes: This revolutionary solution enables the transport of key molecules such as mRNA and miRNA.Atelocollagen (natural collagen marine) and marine collagen IOC Nano-1000: New technologies in collagen production that increase its biocompatibility and effectiveness.IOC VegiColl®: Innovative plant collagens that support skin reconstruction. System IOC ORAC and Transdermal Tropocollagen: Improve the antioxidant effectiveness and bioavailability of active ingredients.
International Organic Company (IOC): Innovation Leader in Supplement Production and New Strategic Partnership with EKLAVYA BIOTECH PVT LTD
Technological advancements in the dietary supplement industry: As reputable Polish producer, International Organic Company (IOC) uses modern technologies, both its own and licensed from leading scientific institutions. Thanks to this, we deliver products that lead the market. Strategic partnership in 2024: We are proud to announce that we have entered into a strategic partnership with EKLAVYA BIOTECH PVT LTD. This partnership will allow us to expand our offer by: raw materials for the production of supplements diets that meet the highest European standards. Production in Poland: Our production of cosmetics and dietary supplements still takes place in Polish production plants, which guarantees high quality and control of production processes.
New Raw Materials at Excellent Prices Produced in Partnership
 Creatine MonohydrateMarine Collagen (types 1, 2, 3) Ubiquinone and Ubiquinol Liposomal Liposomal Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B12, C (25% and 60%), D3, E, K2-7 Liposomal Minerals: Zinc Acetate, Ferric Pyrophosphate , Iron Bisglycinate, Magnesium BisglycinateOther Liposomal Raw Materials:Glutathione, Melatonin, Ubiquinol Acetate, Curcumin, Resveratrol, Ashwagandha, BerberineAlgae DHA Oil: Concentrations 40%, 50%, 60%, 70% and a combination of 40% DHA + 15% EPAVegan Collagen, Alpha-lactalbuminIf you are interested in purchasing our raw materials, please contact us! We provide high quality and support in selecting the right products.  

Innovative dietary supplements from a supplement manufacturer open to real novelties - IOC

Leadership in innovation and supplement production: As a leader, IOC is ready to support the development of brands and products using the latest scientific and technological achievements. We encourage scientists and research institutions to establish cooperation. Use our advanced raw materials and technologies in your research projects and transform scientific knowledge into specific market solutions.

Technology Commercialization: Crossing the Boundaries of Knowledge

Introduction to Technology Commercialization at the Global Level

In the dynamic world of the modern economy, the ability to be effective technology commercialization is crucial to maintaining competitiveness on the market. International Organic Company (IOC) has been at the forefront of this process for years, thanks to effective cooperation with leading research centers around the world, including the prestigious University of Cambridge. This international cooperation allows for continuous access to the latest discoveries and technologies, which is the basis of our innovative activities.

Benefits of International Technology Commercialization

Working with renowned research institutions, IOC is able to speed up the research process and increase efficiency commercialization of new products and reduce the time needed to bring innovations to market. Our partnerships enable the exchange of knowledge, experience and technological resources, which directly translates into better use of opportunities technology commercialization.

Scaling Production: The Key to Efficiency Technology Commercialization

From Prototype to Mass Production: Challenges and Solutions

Efficient production scaling is essential for success technology commercialization. International Organic Company (IOC) specializes in moving from laboratory prototypes to full-scale mass production, which is a critical step in technology commercialization. Thanks to our advanced infrastructure and technology, we are able to maintain the highest quality standards, which is crucial for effective large-scale production.

Scaling Strategies to Ensure Quality and Compliance

During the scaling process, IOC implements rigorous testing and quality control procedures to ensure that each product is not only effective, but also safe and compliant with international regulatory standards. The use of these procedures minimizes risk and increases efficiency technology commercialization, enabling a smooth transition from innovation to a product available on the market.

Scaling Production: The Key to Efficiency Technology Commercialization

From Prototype to Mass Production: Challenges and Solutions

Efficient production scaling is essential for success technology commercialization. International Organic Company (IOC) specializes in moving from laboratory prototypes to full-scale mass production, which is a critical step in technology commercialization. Thanks to our advanced infrastructure and technology, we are able to maintain the highest quality standards, which is crucial for effective large-scale production.

Scaling Strategies to Ensure Quality and Compliance

During the scaling process, IOC implements rigorous testing and quality control procedures to ensure that each product is not only effective, but also safe and compliant with international regulatory standards. The use of these procedures minimizes risk and increases efficiency technology commercialization, enabling a smooth transition from innovation to a product available on the market.

Innovations in Production Processes

Thanks to continuous innovation in our production processes, IOC is able to quickly adapt production lines to new technologies and changing market requirements. An innovative approach to the automation and digitization of production processes allows for increased efficiency and reduction costs, which is crucial for the competitiveness of products on the global market.

Long-Term Planning and Risk Management

IOC uses advanced risk management methods and long-term planning to ensure that scaling processes are sustainable and deliver long-term benefits. Cooperation with experts from various fields, including engineering, technology and business, allows for a comprehensive assessment of potential risks and their effective management at every stage technology commercialization.

Strategic Commercialization: Bringing Innovation to the Market

Market Analysis and Product Positioning

Effective technology commercialization requires not only technological innovation, but also a deep understanding of the market and the ability to identify key market niches. International Organic Company (IOC) uses advanced market analysis tools to precisely determine consumer needs and expectations. This data is necessary to effectively position our products and adapt their functionality and marketing communications to the specificity of each market segment.

Distribution Strategies and Market Growth

Developing appropriate distribution channels is as important as the product itself. IOC designs integrated distribution strategies that include both traditional sales channels and modern e-commerce platforms. Thanks to this, our innovative products are widely available to various customer groups around the world. Additionally, we focus on building strong relationships with trading partners, which enables optimization of the supply chain and maximization of market reach.

Maximizing Product Visibility and Availability

In the digital age, online visibility is crucial to the success of any product. IOC works intensively on marketing strategies that use SEO, content marketing and social media campaigns to increase brand awareness and promote brand innovations. We also use direct and relationship marketing techniques to build customer loyalty and increase their commitment to long-term cooperation with our brand.

Adaptation of the Offer to Regulatory Requirements

Each market has its own specific regulatory requirements that must be met for a product to be successfully introduced and sold. IOC ensures that all our products comply with local and international standards and regulations. This not only increases consumer confidence, but also protects the company from legal and financial risks associated with regulatory violations.

Industry Insights: Understanding Market Specifics

Specialization in Various Market Sectors

International Organic Company (IOC) goes far beyond standard production and distribution, becoming deeply involved in the specifics of various industries. Thanks to our experience in sectors such as cosmetics, natural resources, and dietary supplements, we are able to provide products that not only meet but exceed consumer expectations. Our ability to adapt to the unique challenges of each of these sectors is critical to success technology commercialization.

Innovations Tailored to Customer Needs

IOC uses a customer-centric approach that enables us to identify and respond to changing consumer needs and preferences. Our innovations are designed to address the specific problems and needs of different demographic groups and geographic markets. This process not only makes it easier to introduce products to new markets, but also allows you to maintain competitiveness and increase loyalty among existing customers.

Developing Products with Sustainable Development in Mind

In response to the growing global demand for sustainable and ecological products, IOC integrates sustainable practices in every aspect technology commercialization. From using sustainable sources of raw materials, through energy-efficient production processes, to environmentally friendly packaging, we strive to minimize our impact on the planet while providing innovative products that are safe and effective for users.

Adapting Innovations to Industry Regulations

Knowledge of industry regulations and standards is essential to the process technology commercialization. IOC constantly monitors changing regulations and industry standards to ensure that our products always comply with the latest requirements. Thanks to this, our customers can be sure that the products they purchase meet all local and international safety and quality standards.

Cooperation with Scientists and Innovators: The Key to Success in Technology Commercialization

Building Partnerships in the Area of ​​Research and Development

International Organic Company (IOC) strongly focuses on cooperation with scientists and innovators as a key element of effective technology commercialization. We understand that advanced scientific research is the basis for innovation, which is why we join forces with academic centers and independent researchers around the world. Our partnerships are based on a shared desire to develop breakthrough technologies that can be commercially exploited in various markets.

Joint Research Projects: Exchange of Knowledge and Resources

Joint research projects with scientists are for IOC not only the opportunity to access new discoveries, but also an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences that are invaluable in the process technology commercialization. Thanks to such projects, we are able to accelerate the development of new products, increase their effectiveness and adapt them to real market needs.

Support for Innovators: From Idea to Market

IOC not only invests in research, but also provides support at every stage of technology development - from the initial concept, through prototyping, to product launch. Thanks to our resources and experience, innovators can focus on the research aspects while we take care of the commercial aspects such as production, marketing and distribution.

Facilitating Access to Global Markets

Through our global networks and partnerships, IOC enables innovators to access international markets that may be difficult to access for individual researchers or smaller companies. We support our partners in navigating complex regulatory and market processes, which significantly increases the chances of commercial success of their innovations.

Long-Term Partnerships and Cooperation: The Foundation for Development

The Importance of Permanent Cooperation for Innovation

W IOC, we believe that long-term relationships with scientific, business and technological partners are crucial for lasting success and efficiency technology commercialization. Building long-term partnerships allows for a better understanding of the needs and expectations of each party, which translates into greater efficiency and effectiveness of jointly implemented projects. Our commitment to building solid foundations of cooperation allows for continuous improvement and innovation in the products we offer on the market.

Benefits of Joint Development and Innovation

Long-term partnerships in IOC are a source of mutual benefits, where sharing resources, knowledge and experiences leads to synergy that increases innovation and the commercial potential of new technologies. Cooperation allows for the combination of various skills and perspectives, which is particularly valuable in R&D processes and introducing complex technological products to the market. Each party brings something unique to the project that increases its value and potential for success.

Maintaining Sustainability and Adaptation in a Dynamic Environment

In response to rapid changes in technology and the market, IOC focuses on flexibility and adaptation within long-term partnerships. We understand that both our business and technological environments are dynamic and require constant adaptation. Long-term cooperation enables us to respond faster to these changes and effectively manage uncertainty, which secures our common interests and investments in the future.

Strengthening Trust and Common Goals

Trust is the foundation of every successful cooperation. IN IOC, we make sure that all our activities are transparent and guided by mutual trust and common goals. We believe that strong and lasting relationships with our partners are crucial to achieving long-term success in technology commercialization. This approach not only fosters better understanding between parties, but also builds a strong foundation for future initiatives and projects.

Use of Advanced Technologies in Commercialization

Integration of Modern Technologies in Production Processes

International Organic Company (IOC) constantly strives to introduce technological innovations that increase the efficiency of our production processes. We use the latest achievements in automation and robotics, which allows us to increase the speed and precision of production. Thanks to these technologies, every stage technology commercialization - from production to packaging and distribution - is optimized, which guarantees the highest quality and effectiveness.

Implementation of Production Management Software

IOC uses advanced production management systems that integrate various segments of our business. These systems enable better coordination between departments, improve inventory management, and optimize supply chain management. Thanks to this, we can not only manage our resources more effectively, but also shorten the time to introduce new products to the market, which is crucial in rapidly changing market conditions.

Digital Tools in Promotion and Customer Service

IOC actively uses digital tools to promote our products and provide customer service. We invest in the development of our website, e-commerce platforms and social media presence, which allows us to be direct contact with customers and quick response to their needs and changing preferences. These technologies not only increase our visibility in the market, but also enable us to better understand and meet the expectations of our consumers.

Innovations in the Optimization of Logistics Processes

At the end, IOC pays great attention to the optimization of logistics processes using modern technologies. We use logistics planning and management systems that allow for more effective management of the flow of raw materials and finished products. This is crucial in the context of the company's global operations, where it is efficient logistics has a direct impact on commercial success.

Sustainable Development: Integrating Green Practices in Technology Commercialization

Striving for Sustainable Development in Production Processes

International Organic Company (IOC) is deeply committed to promoting sustainable development, which is reflected in our approach to the production and commercialization of technologies. Our strategy includes minimizing the impact on the natural environment by using energy-saving technologies, reducing waste and using renewable energy sources. These activities not only contribute to protecting the planet, but also build a positive brand image in the eyes of consumers and business partners.

Ecological Sources of Raw Materials and Sustainable Packaging

One of the pillars of our sustainable development strategy is the use of responsibly sourced raw materials. IOC selects suppliers who guarantee that their products come from organic farming and sustainable sources. Additionally, we have introduced innovations in the field of packaging, using materials that are fully recyclable or biodegradable, which significantly reduces our carbon footprint.

Education and Ecological Awareness among Consumers

IOC actively works to educate and raise ecological awareness among our clients. We organize information and educational campaigns that emphasize the importance of sustainable consumption and encourage the choice of environmentally friendly products. We believe that education is key to building long-term change in consumer behavior and promoting an ecological lifestyle.

Partnerships for Sustainable Development

IOC believes in the power of cooperation in achieving sustainable development. That's why we collaborate with various organizations, NGOs and other companies that share our ecological values ​​to work together on solutions that will have a positive impact on the environment. These partnerships enable the exchange of knowledge and experience and the implementation of joint projects for environmental protection.

Product Personalization: Adapting Technology to the Individual Needs of Customers

Creating Made-to-Measure Products

W International Organic Company (IOC), a key element of our strategy technology commercialization is the ability to personalize products in accordance with the specific needs and expectations of our customers. We understand that each market and consumer has unique requirements that may differ significantly from standard solutions. Therefore, we offer the opportunity to adjust the specifications of our products, which allows us to create a perfectly tailored offer.

Technology in the Service of Personalization

We use the latest technologies, including advanced AI and machine learning systems, to analyze data and consumer trends, which allows us to precisely adapt product properties, such as composition, form and packaging, to users' expectations and preferences. This approach not only increases customer satisfaction, but also strengthens their brand loyalty IOC.

Quick Adaptation to Changing Requirements

The world of technology and consumption is changing at a rapid pace, and the ability to quickly adapt to these changes is crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage. IN IOC, our production and operational processes are designed in such a way as to enable quick changes to products in line with current market trends and customer feedback. This flexibility is invaluable in keeping our offer current in dynamically changing markets.

Partnerships for Tailor-Made Innovation

We work closely with our business partners to develop personalized solutions that meet not only today's needs, but also tomorrow's. Collaboration with suppliers, scientists and consultants allows us to create products that are truly innovative and perfectly tailored to specific applications and target groups.

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