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Why is it worth choosing contract manufacturing?

Contract production of dietary supplements is an ideal solution for companies that want to introduce high-quality products to the market without having to invest in their own production lines. Working with an experienced contract manufacturer such as IOC, allows you to focus on other aspects of the business, such as marketing and sales, while a professional partner takes care of all stages of production.

  • Saving Time and Costs

    Production of dietary supplements requires significant investments in infrastructure and technologies. When you choose contract manufacturing, you avoid these costs, while gaining access to the latest production technologies.

  • Compliance with Regulations

    Professional manufacturers such as IOC, ensure that all products comply with EU regulations, including GMP and HACCP standards. This guarantees the safety and high quality of dietary supplements.

  • Flexibility

    Contract production allows us to fulfill both small and large orders, adapting to the individual needs of the customer. This makes it possible to quickly respond to changing market needs.

Stages of Contract Manufacturing of Dietary Supplements

  1. Consultations and Planning

    Collaboration begins with understanding the client's needs and discussing the product concept. Team IOC helps in developing the recipe and selecting appropriate ingredients.

  2. Formulation and Testing

    After determining the composition of the supplement, laboratory tests are carried out to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the product.

  3. Production

    Depending on the form of the supplement (soft capsules, hard, liquids, sachets), the product is manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards.

  4. Packaging and Labeling

    Ready-made supplements are packed and labeled in accordance with legal requirements and customer preferences. IOC offers a variety of packaging options including blister packs, bottles and sachets.

  5. Registration and Market Introduction

    IOC helps in preparing the necessary documentation and registering the product with the appropriate authorities, enabling the legal introduction of supplements to the market.

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    Key Elements of Cooperation with IOC

    IOC, as the leading one contract manufacturer of dietary supplements, offers a wide range of services that stand out from the competition:

    • Experience: Over 15 years of experience in commissioned production of dietary supplements.
    • Certifications: Possession of key quality certificates, including ISO 22000, GMP, HACCP.
    • Individual approach: Adjustment production process to the specific needs of the client.
    • Innovation: Continuous investments in the development of technology and production processes.
    • No own brands: IOC does not have its own brands of supplements on the market. You can be sure that your brand is our only interest.

    Examples of Services and Product Forms

    IOC offers a wide range of dietary supplement forms, including:

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    Forms of Dietary Supplements

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