Sachets, Bottles, Gummies and Other Forms of Supplements

If capsule diets aren't what you're looking for, we have the solution!

Forms of dietary supplements available in IOC along with a minimum order quantity

As part of our comprehensive offer, in addition to traditional capsules, we provide a wide range of dietary supplement forms to meet the diverse needs and preferences of our customers.

The first of them are tabletki, which are a classic and popular solution for people who value simplicity in dosing. Tablets can be easily designed in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit specific dosage requirements.

The next form is liquids, perfect for people who may have difficulty swallowing solid forms of supplements. Liquid dietary supplements are also quickly digestible and can be a pleasant alternative in the form of drinks with various flavors.

We also offer gels, which are ideal for physically active people. Gels, easy to consume on the run, ensure quick availability of active ingredients and are often used in sports supplementation.

Another form available are powders. Thanks to the possibility of mixing with water or other liquids, powders allow you to create individually adjusted portions and are popular among people who care about their diet and supplementation.

Our product range also includes: pastes, which can be used as supplements with a longer release time of active ingredients, which is ideal for ensuring a constant level of supplementation throughout the day.

For those who are looking for convenience and precision in dosing, we offer sachets. They are a great solution for both powders and gels, allowing you to easily and hygienically consume the supplement anytime, anywhere. The sachets, protected against moisture and air, guarantee the freshness and stability of the product.

We have prepared especially for the youngest jelly candy in attractive shapes and flavors that make supplementation a pleasure. For adults, jellies are available with concentrated doses of active ingredients, allowing you to easily supplement your daily diet.

We are also open to preparing supplements in forms not listed above, at the client's special request. Our production capabilities and experience allow us to introduce innovative solutions tailored to individual needs.

Why us?

Why choose IOC as a contract manufacturer of your supplement?

Discover the variety of production options our company offers, perfectly tailored to your needs in the dietary supplements segment.

Syrups as a Dietary Supplement: We create supplemental syrups with balanced flavors and formulas to suit a wide range of health needs. With quality in mind, we have set the minimum order for this category at 20,000 units.

Supplemental Drops: Our assortment also includes: drops, which is a concentrated solution supporting health. For this type of products we have specified MOQ at the level of 50,000 units.

Functional Drinks: We offer functional drinksthat combine activity and a healthy lifestyle, prepared especially for those who are always on the move. The logistic minimum for these drinks is 50,000 units.

Oral Pastes: Our oral pastes are unique supplements intended for people looking for specialized solutions. For pastes we have established MOQ for 20,000 units.

Powder Sachets: We offer powder sachets – comfortable and easy to use, ideal for instantly dissolving formulas. The minimum order for these exceptionally practical products is 250,000 pieces.

Liquid Sachets: Our sachets with liquid supplement it is an ideal solution for those who value comfort and practicality. MOQ for this form of supplementation is also 250,000 pieces.

Granulate sachets: For those who prefer precision, we have it sachets with granules. It's the perfect combination of convenience and accuracy, with a minimum order quantity set at 250,000 pieces.

We are ready to work with you to adapt to your needs and expectations. Thanks to our solutions in the field of contract production of dietary supplements, we support your business goals and help you achieve success on the market. Contact contact us to discuss the possibilities of cooperation and find the perfect supplement solutions together.

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