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    Do you have an idea for a dietary supplement and want to know the cost of its implementation? Use our easy-to-use "Quick Quote" form. Just give us a few details and we will take care of the rest. IN IOC Ltd. we specialize in creating unique, high-quality dietary supplements. Let us know what you need and we will prepare an individual offer for you. Start now – your brand deserves the best!

    Note: Please be advised that the minimum order quantities are: 150 thousand hard capsules (e.g. 5 thousand packages of 30 capsules), 300 thousand soft capsules soft-gel type, 200 thousand sachets. Please take these limits into account when submitting your enquiry.


    Precise Calculation of the Production Cost of a Dietary Supplement - Your Individual Form


    W IOC sp. z o. o., we offer an exclusive service of producing dietary supplements, tailored to high standards and the specific needs of our clients. Start the quoting process to find out the exact cost of producing your unique dietary supplement by completing the form below:


    1. Your first and last name: Enter your details to enable us to communicate effectively in the process of estimating the production costs of a dietary supplement.
    2. Your e-mail address: Key to sending detailed information regarding production costs and cooperation opportunities. We will send the calculation to the e-mail address provided.
    3. Your Contact Telephone Number: For quick contact regarding costs and production details. If there is no response to our offer, we will contact you by phone.
    4. Quantity of the Ordered Lot: Specify the quantity of the ordered batch for one production order, so that we can accurately calculate the production cost of your dietary supplement.
    5. Preferred Completion Date: This information will help us optimize production and cost planning. Usually it is about 3 months.
    6. Product type: Are you interested in supplements in the form of capsules, tablets or maybe sachets? A description of the type of your dietary supplement will allow you to precisely estimate the costs.
    7. Packing Method: Choose the primary packaging method that best suits your needs.
    8. Number of Sachets/Capsules in a Unit Package: This is crucial for precisely estimating the production costs of a single supplement package.
    9. Composition Capsules or sachet: Provide the ready composition, preferred ingredients or scope of action of the dietary supplement. Details of the composition are important for assessing production costs and preparing calculations.
    10. Additional remarks: Any information that may affect the cost of producing your supplement.
    11. Attach File: If you have additional materials, such as specifications - attach them.
    12. Consent to the processing of personal data: Allows us to process your inquiry and send the production calculation to the e-mail address provided.


    W IOC Ltd. they appreciate the uniqueness and exclusivity of our products. Our prices reflect high quality and an individual approach to each dietary supplement project. Contact us if you are looking for a partner who will quickly and precisely estimate the cost of producing a dietary supplement, meeting your quality expectations.