Producer of SoftGel Capsules

Manufacturer of Soft Capsules

As reputable manufacturer of softgel capsules, our company IOC operates in modern production plant in Poland. We apply international GMP and ISO 22000 standards, thanks to which we provide products of the highest quality and safety.

Formulation Design for Softgel Capsules

we specialize in formula design dla softgel capsules, which allows us to create specific solutions tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Our experience and technological background enable us to work closely with clients at every stage of the project.

Production and Packaging of Softgel Capsules

Production Our capsules are manufactured in accordance with the highest industry standards. After formulating the product, we move on to the next stage packing, which is also implemented in ours production plant in Poland. We use modern packaging technologies to ensure the durability and integrity of each batch.

Jako manufacturer of soft capsules (manufacturer of softgel capsules), we are committed to providing products that are not only effective, but also manufactured to the highest industry standards. We ensure short lead times and adaptability to rapidly changing market needs.

Comprehensive Contract Production of Supplements in the Form of SoftGel Capsules

Soft-gel capsules are a special type of capsules that have a soft, flexible shell, usually made of gelatin, water and plasticizers. They are designed to encapsulate and protect various types of substances, including oils, vitamins, minerals and other active ingredients. These capsules are very popular in the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical industries because they allow for easy and effective delivery of active ingredients as liquid to the body. Additionally, they are easier to swallow than traditional tablets and can be tailored to suit different needs, for example by changing color or adding flavors to increase consumer appeal.

Soft softgel capsules from IOC sp. z o. o. are characterized by extraordinary flexibility in terms of ingredient content, which makes them exceptionally versatile. The most sought-after ingredients include various oils, including fish oils, which are a valuable source of omega-3 acids, as well as vegetable oils, such as linseed oil or hemp seed oil, known for their beneficial health properties. We are not limited to oils - our softgel capsules can also contain vitamins, minerals, plant extracts and other active ingredients used both in dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products. Thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies, we are able to precisely adjust the composition of our capsules to the individual needs of our customers, offering solutions tailored to the latest trends and research results in the health and wellness sector.

Yes, v IOC sp. z o. o. we have the option of creating soft softgel capsules with a shell in various colors to perfectly meet the expectations of our customers. Using natural and health-safe dyes, we can provide capsules in a wide range of colors, which significantly increases their aesthetic value and helps distinguish the product from the competition. The ability to personalize the color of the coating is a key element for brands that want to emphasize their uniqueness and want to emphasize the characteristic values ​​of their product. We assure you that ours production processes are adapted to the highest quality standards, thanks to which each series of capsules not only pleases the eye, but also meets all safety and effectiveness criteria.

IOC z o. o. sets standards as a manufacturer of softgel capsules, focusing on innovation, consistent quality and a focused, individual approach to each of our clients. In our work we use modern technologies production, which allows us to create softgel capsules of the highest quality, containing various active ingredients. The entire production process is carried out under rigorous quality and safety control, which guarantees that each product delivery complies with the highest standards in the industry. Moreover, we offer our clients a wide range of personalization options, including the option of coloring the capsule shell and adjusting the composition of active substances, which allows the creation of unique products perfectly tailored to individual requirements. Our passion for research and development and constant pursuit of excellence allows us to not only follow current market trends, but also actively shape the future of the softgel capsules industry, maintaining our leadership position.

Key advantages of softgel capsules produced by IOC sp. z o. o. focus on their unrivaled quality, precision of workmanship and efficiency in providing active ingredients. Our capsules are distinguished by exceptional bioavailability, which means that the active substances they contain are effectively and quickly absorbed by the body. Their soft, flexible structure makes it easier to swallow, which is especially important for people who have difficulty swallowing traditional tablets. The range of personalization options is wide - from sizes, through shapes, to the colors of the capsules - which allows us to adapt to the specific needs and preferences of our customers. We also have the ability to encapsulate a variety of ingredients, from oils, through vitamins, to more specialized substances. Thanks to our strict quality control procedures and compliance with the latest industry standards, each batch of softgel capsules from IOC sp. z o. o. guarantees the highest level of quality.

Absolutely, v IOC sp. z o. o. we have the ability to create soft softgel capsules containing suspensions. This advanced manufacturing option enables the encapsulation of active substances in a suspension form, which is crucial for those ingredients that are not suitable for encapsulation in a pure liquid or powder state. The use of suspensions enables precise delivery of specific doses of active substances and may also contribute to increasing the stability and bioavailability of some compounds. Our research and development team works closely with customers to create personalized formulas that perfectly meet their unique needs and expectations. Thanks to the use of modern technologies in our production processes, we are able to effectively fulfill orders for softgel capsules containing suspensions, while maintaining the highest quality and safety standards.

As part of our offer in IOC Ltd., we present various types of soft gelatin capsules, tailored to the diverse requirements of our customers. Our product range includes:

  • 20 Oblong: These are large, elongated capsules, designed to contain a larger amount of active substances, which makes them ideal for applications requiring a formula rich in ingredients.
  • 10 Oval: Medium-sized oval capsules that are an excellent choice for administering standard doses of supplements, combining convenience of use with effective delivery of active ingredients.
  • 6 Oval: These slightly smaller oval capsules are perfect for dosing medium to small amounts of active substances, offering users comfort and precision.
  • 3 Oval: The smallest of our oval capsules, designed to deliver small doses of ingredients, ensuring accuracy and ease of swallowing.
  • 5 Drops Twist Off: Innovative capsules with Twist Off mechanism, easy to open and ideal for single-use, precisely dosed applications.
  • 3 Drops Twist Off: A smaller version of our capsules with a Twist Off closure, also intended for single use, ensuring ease and hygiene of use.

Each of these capsules has been designed to ensure the highest availability of bioactive ingredients, as well as to meet the specific needs and expectations of our customers, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Jako Contract Producer, IOC z o. o. proudly presents a comprehensive range of services, ranging from the design stage, through production processes, to the distribution of various products. Our portfolio includes functional and enriched foods, dietary supplements, products for special nutritional and medical purposes, as well as cosmetics and components. Our advanced procedures and management systems, such as CRM and Lean Management, support us in striving for continuous improvement and in implementing the assumptions of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Our specialty, the production of softgel capsules, is carried out in accordance with strict quality standards, which is confirmed by an extensive portfolio of certificates, including ISO 9001, 22716, GMP, HACCP, GHP and ISO 22000. These certificates not only demonstrate our commitment to providing products of the highest quality class, but also compliance with international quality and safety standards. Through our commitment to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and ongoing audits, we can ensure that our products not only meet, but often exceed industry and regulatory requirements, allowing our customers to have complete confidence in the solutions we offer.

The ordering and production process of softgel capsules in IOC z o. o. is carefully constructed to ensure the highest quality standards and satisfaction of our customers. It all starts with the preliminary ones consultation, during which we thoroughly discuss the customer's needs and expectations, including product specifications, required quantities and preferred delivery dates.

After defining the requirements, our specialists start creating a personalized formula and capsule design, always taking into account the client's specific needs and goals. In the next step, we begin the production stage, using advanced technologies and observing Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, which guarantees that each series of products meets the highest quality standards.

Each batch of capsules is subjected to rigorous quality controls, including composition and purity tests, to ensure that the final product is free from any undesirable substances and contaminants. After quality control is completed, the capsules are properly packed and prepared for shipment to the customer.

Throughout the entire process, from initial consultation to finalization of the order, our clients can count on constant support contact and support from our team. Thanks to this, we ensure not only trouble-free order fulfillment, but also complete satisfaction with our services and products.

Our minimum order quantities (MOQ) for softgel capsules are 300 thousand capsules. This quantity allows you to create, for example, 5 packages with 60 capsules in each. For orders involving more complicated ones technology or formulations, the minimum order quantity may be higher. Specific requirements, such as capsules with suspensions or a colored shell, may require additional technological tests to ensure the highest quality and compliance with product specifications.

Absolutely, v IOC sp. z o. o. we provide comprehensive support in the design of formulas and packaging of softgel capsules. As specialists in contract production and brand building, we offer a comprehensive range of services - from developing dietary supplement formulas, through their production, to Branding and product registration processes. We have the necessary resources and know-how to provide our clients with tailor-made solutions that will distinguish their products on the market and allow them to effectively build their own brand. Our experience and expert knowledge are fully adapted to the requirements of customers looking for products of the highest quality and uniqueness.

Definitely, v IOC sp. z o. o. we have production capabilities that allow us to produce softgel capsules not only on a smaller, but also on a large scale. We have extensive experience and appropriate technical and human resources that enable us to effectively adapt to the various needs and expectations of our customers, regardless of the size of the order. We offer a full range of services, from the formula design and packaging stage to final production, ensuring that each product is of the highest quality and is completely unique.

We understand that lead time is an important aspect when planning orders. For the production of softgel capsules, typical turnaround time ranges from 3 to 6 months, which is related to our commitment to providing the highest quality products and adapting to the specific needs of each customer. We encourage you to contact in order to arrange details and discuss possible delivery dates before finalizing the order, so that we can best adapt to your schedule. It is worth emphasizing that the dates are subject to change, but we make every effort to ensure timely deliveries.

Of course, v International Organic Company sp. z o. o., we provide the opportunity to place a trial order before starting a larger production series. This approach enables technological tests to be carried out to ensure that the final product meets all quality expectations. As part of a trial order, we supply a test batch of softgel capsules, which gives our customers the opportunity to evaluate the product and, if necessary, make any necessary modifications to the production process before full-scale production begins.

We offer advice on current market trends and innovations in the soft-gel industry. As experts in contract manufacturing and building premium brands, International Organic Company sp. z o. o. has a wealth of knowledge and experience that allows us to constantly monitor the latest development trends and innovative solutions in the industry. Our team of specialists provides comprehensive support to assist our clients in creating products that not only set new standards in the industry, but also perfectly match current consumer preferences and expectations. We offer assistance not only in the field of technology and production, but also in marketing strategies and effective product positioning, which is crucial for building a strong market position in the cosmetics and dietary supplements segment.

International Organic Company sp. z o. o., thanks to its experience and extensive infrastructure, is able to export dietary supplements to many countries around the world, including European Union member states and selected non-European markets. Our business is based on a solid understanding of international standards and regulations regarding dietary supplements, which allows us to tailor products to your specific requirements legal and quality standards applicable in individual countries. By working closely with local partners and regulatory institutions, we ensure that all the supplements we produce meet the necessary criteria, enabling their seamless export and distribution to selected markets.

Producer of Soft Capsules, Producer of Softgel Capsules - Innovations in Supplement Design

As recognized manufacturer of softgel capsules in Poland, we focus on an innovative approach to creating our supplements. In the product development process, it is crucial for us to use effective and safe ingredients and optimize their combinations to ensure maximum health benefits.

Formulation Technologies – The Key to the Success of a Soft Capsule Manufacturer

Our knowledge and experience allow us to meet customer expectations at every stage, from formula design to final production. As manufacturer of softgel capsules, we provide support in selecting the best raw materials and offer assistance in scaling processes, which enables the effective transfer of the formula from the prototype phase to mass production.

Safety and Quality – Priorities for the Softgel Capsule Manufacturer

Regular stability tests and microbiological analyzes are an integral part of our quality assurance process. Each product goes through rigorous inspection procedures to guarantee its high quality and safety. Thanks to continuous monitoring production processesAs manufacturer of soft capsules, we maintain industry leadership in product innovation and effectiveness.

Our commitment to technological development and attention to detail allow us to offer products that gain recognition on both the local and international markets. Striving for perfection as manufacturer of softgel capsules makes us the undisputed leader in the field of product innovation of dietary supplements.

Global Excellence in Soft Capsule Production since 2009

Since 2009, as recognized manufacturer of softgel capsules, we specialize in production in accordance with GMP standards, which is a key element of our activity. The production process in our plant is characterized by precision and the use of advanced technologies, guaranteeing the highest quality of products delivered to global markets.

Advanced Encapsulation Process Control Systems

The encapsulation process is managed via a centrally located control panel. Our encapsulation machines, equipped with electronic control systems, create two parts of the capsule from gelatin ribbons, which are then precisely joined. At the same time, the filler is injected into the capsule while maintaining dosage accuracy.

Pre-Drying and Cleaning Process

After production, the capsules are transferred to a computerized pre-drying tunnel, where all contaminants are removed in several cleaning stages. The capsules are then placed on special trolleys and dried in specially designed rooms.

Sorting and Quality Control

After the drying process is completed, the capsules are automatically sorted by size and shape. Then their final cleaning is carried out. Compliance with rigorous hygiene standards is our priority, which is why the capsules are manually sorted using special machines that detect products that do not meet our quality standards.

Jako manufacturer of softgel capsules, we strive to maintain a leading position in the global market by providing products that meet the highest international standards. Our commitment to technological innovation and attention to detail ensures that each batch of product is of the highest quality.

Ready for Distribution Product

We offer a comprehensive package of services. The development, production and packaging of each product take place in our plant in accordance with ISO 22000 and GMP standards, which ensures high quality and safety of the products. Thanks to this process, we are able to effectively implement projects with short and flexible delivery times.

Our fully automatic packaging lines allow for precise packaging of capsules, preparing them for sale. Various packaging options are available, allowing you to choose the appropriate package size and number of capsules per package. It is also possible to fill glass bottles with labeling.

We offer a wide range of composed, ready-to-sell products, tailored to the individual needs of customers. Our developed product formulas enable rapid and cost-effective introduction to the market.

Jako manufacturer of softgel capsules, we focus on innovation and adapting the offer to dynamically changing market needs, which translates into the success of our clients on the global market. Our commitment to providing the highest quality products is crucial for the quick and effective introduction of new products.

Innovative Brand Enhancing Packaging

As experienced manufacturer of softgel capsules, we care about the uniqueness and safety of your products. In response to the growing risk of counterfeits, we offer modern packaging with holograms that not only protect but also increase the attractiveness of your products on the market.

Commitment to Privacy

We have never had, do not have and will not have our own product brands, which guarantees impartiality in the implementation of each order. All contracts are protected by NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), ensuring full confidentiality and security of your information and projects.

These activities, combined with our innovative packaging solutions, provide a solid foundation to protect your investments against competition and counterfeits, while building trust and loyalty among consumers in the global marketplace.


Advantages of Soft-Gel Capsules

  • Ease of Swallowing: Thanks to the flexible structure of Soft-Gel capsules, they easily pass through the esophagus, which is comfortable for all users.
  • Fast Absorption: The content of the capsules is quickly absorbed by the body, which guarantees effectiveness.
  • Unique Shape and Color Possibilities: Thanks to advanced technologies, IOC Ltd. offers capsules in various shapes and colors, which allows you to create a unique product.

Variety of Forms and Specialized Solutions

Soft-Gel Capsules For Every Need
The offer includes:

  • Chewable and Suckable Capsules: Perfect for people who have difficulty swallowing traditional tablets.
  • Twist-Off Capsules: Allows easy opening and use.
  • Specialized Gelatin Capsules: Perfect for liquid raw materials such as oil omega.

Production Process and Ingredients

Transparency and Quality in Production
Our Soft-Gel capsules production process includes:

  • Preparation of Gelatin: We use high-quality gelatin to ensure the perfect consistency of the capsule shell.
  • Natural Dyes and Flavors: All ingredients are carefully selected to ensure naturalness and safety.
  • Rigorous Packing: We ensure the highest quality and purity of the product until the packaging stage.

Personalization options i MOQ

Personalization: W International Organic Company sp. z o. o. we make every effort to ensure that each product reflects the vision of our customers. We offer wide customization options, including the shape, size and color of softgel capsules, so that they perfectly match the character of your brand.

Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ): We understand the diversity of our clients' business needs and try to offer flexible terms of cooperation. Our contract production is tailored to various requirements, with the possibility of fulfilling orders starting from PLN 2500. packages, with one package containing 120 capsules.

Why us?

Why choose IOC as a contract manufacturer of your supplement?
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