Everything You Want to Know About Hard Capsules

Get to know the offer IOC contract production hard capsules for dietary supplements

IOC produces dietary supplements in the form of hard capsules: traditional, vegan (HPMC, Pullulan) and enteric in various sizes and colors. Gelatin capsules can be made from pork, beef or fish gelatin. Our capsules are manufactured in accordance with GMP and ISO 22000 standards. Thanks to our experience, we minimize or completely eliminate excipients in supplements in hard capsules. We stock sizes 0 and 00, with a minimum order for contract production is 150 capsules, which can be divided into 000 packages of 2500 capsules.

What are hard capsules?

Hard capsules are an oral form of administration of drugs and supplements, containing ingredients such as drugs, minerals, vitamins and other health components. We value them for their convenience, precise dosing, ease of portability and patient compliance with recommendations. They are a practical alternative to liquids, powders or pastes. Hard capsules typically contain dry ingredients, ideal for storing and taking in this form.

What are the advantages of hard capsules?

Hard capsules offer many benefits that make them the preferred choice in pharmacy and supplementation:

  1. High bioavailability: They increase the bioavailability of active substances, ensuring more effective absorption into the bloodstream.
  2. Fast disintegration: They quickly disintegrate in the stomach and intestines, which accelerates the release and absorption of ingredients. This is important for drugs that need to act quickly.
  3. Taste Masking: They effectively hide the unpleasant taste of the contents, making it easier to take bitter medications and supplements.
  4. Controlled drug release: They can be designed to release the drug in a controlled manner at specific sites in the gastrointestinal tract, increasing effectiveness and minimizing side effects.
  5. Versatility: They can contain powders, granules, and even small tablets, making them very versatile for a variety of formulas.
  6. Protection of sensitive ingredients: They protect light and air-sensitive ingredients from degradation, which extends the durability and effectiveness of products.

These advantages make hard capsules a solid and effective form of drug delivery, widely used in both pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements.

Vegan supplements

The increasing interest in a healthy lifestyle and plant-based diet means that dietary supplements for vegans are becoming more and more popular. IOC offers hard capsules specially developed for vegans, providing essential nutrients that are difficult to obtain from a plant-based diet. These supplements, based on plant ingredients and free from animal products, support dietary values ​​consistent with the vegan philosophy. They provide vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, plant protein and other key ingredients to support the health and well-being of people practicing a vegan diet.

Advanced Technologies for the Production of Hard Gelatin Capsules

Hard gelatin capsules are a popular form of delivering medicines and dietary supplements. Their production includes several key stages:

Production process of hard gelatin capsules:

  1. Capsule Formation: Finger-shaped molds are immersed in a hot gelatin solution, forming a thin layer.
  2. Drying: The gelatin layer is dried under controlled conditions to ensure the proper hardness of the capsule.
  3. Separating and trimming: The capsules are mechanically removed from the molds and cut to the appropriate length.
  4. Assembly and filling: The capsule parts are put together and filled with medicinal ingredients or nutraceuticals.

Additional technological aspects:

  • Additional ingredients: Preservatives, fillers, flavors, sweeteners and colors may be added to the capsules.
  • Release Modification: Capsules can be covered with a film that changes the rate of release of the active substance.
  • Branding: Brand and dosage information can be printed on the capsules, making product identification easier.

Hard gelatin capsules are valued for dosage precision, storage stability and the ability to mask the taste and smell of active ingredients. Their production requires precise technologies and experience to ensure high quality and consistency of the final products.

hard capsules and tablets and soft capsules - the difference

Comparison of Hard Capsules and Tablets in the Context of Medicines and Dietary Supplements

Hard capsules and tablets are popular forms of oral administration of drugs and dietary supplements. Each of them has its own specific features that may influence consumers' choice, depending on their individual needs and preferences.

Hard capsules

Hard capsules, produced by our company manufacturer of hard capsules, contain a drug or dietary supplement in the form of powder or liquid, enclosed in a hard gelatin coating. We value them for their ability to quickly release their contents in the digestive system, which translates into quick bioavailability of active ingredients. Thanks to this, more active substances enter the bloodstream faster. Hard capsules are also easy to swallow and do not have a distinct taste, which is beneficial for people who do not like the taste of some medications and supplements.


We form tablets by compressing powder containing medicine or dietary supplements. They come in many shapes and sizes and often have notches that make them easier to divide, allowing you to easily adjust your dosage. The tablets have a long shelf life and are stable during storage. However, they may have an unpleasant taste and may be slower to absorb compared to capsules, which sometimes affects the effectiveness of the medicine or supplement.

Price differences

The prices of capsules and tablets may vary, which is important for both consumers of medicines and dietary supplements. These differences are due to the manufacturing process and ingredients used to create these molds. That's why it's always worth it consult consult your doctor or pharmacist to make sure that the form of drug or supplement you choose is not only the most cost-effective, but also best meets the patient's individual health needs.

To sum up, both hard capsules and tablets have their advantages and disadvantages, which are worth considering when choosing the best form of medicine or dietary supplement. Choosing the right form may depend on many factors, such as taste preferences, ease of swallowing and how quickly the drug or supplement works.

Differences between Hard and Soft Gelatin Capsules

The main differences between hard gelatin capsules (often called "hardcaps") and soft gelatin capsules (popularly called "softgels") concern their structure, production processes and the types of substances they may contain. Here is a detailed description of each of them:

  1. Structure and composition:
    • Hard gelatin capsules: They consist of two parts - the body and the cover. They are made of stiff gelatin and are usually empty at the time of production, which allows them to be filled with active ingredients in a separate process. Hard capsules can hold dry ingredients, powders, granules or even small tablets.
    • Soft capsules gelatin: Softgels are one-piece capsules made of more flexible gelatin, often malleable thanks to the addition of glycerin or other softening agents. They are hermetically sealed, which allows you to store liquids or semi-solid substances inside.
  2. Production process:
    • Hard gelatin capsules: Produced as empty capsules before filling. Then, contract producers or brand owners fill them with an active ingredient or drug.
    • Soft gelatin capsules: The production of softgels is done in a way that combines filling and sealing in one continuous process. The active substance is added to the gelatin, and then the whole thing is formed and closed, which protects the contents against the influence of the external environment.
  3. Content and use:
    • Hard gelatin capsules: Perfect for containing dry ingredients that are easy to dose and store in rigid packaging.
    • Soft gelatin capsules: Preferred for oils, plant extracts or other ingredients that are better stabilized in form liquid or semi-solid.

Each capsule type has its own unique uses and is selected depending on the requirements specific to the product formula, ensuring optimal delivery of active ingredients and convenience of use.

Why us?

Why choose IOC as a contract manufacturer of your supplement?

Production of Dietary Supplements in IOC step by step

W IOC we have modern technological facilities that allow us to produce dietary supplements in various forms. Our factory is equipped with advanced machines and technology, which allows us to produce a wide range of supplements tailored to the individual needs of our customers.

Key Aspects of the Production Process

Each stage of production is carried out with the utmost attention to quality. From the selection of raw materials, through production processes, to final packaging - each step is carefully monitored. We use raw materials only from proven suppliers, which guarantees that our products are safe and effective.

Weighing Raw Materials – The Beginning of the Process

Weighing raw materials is the first step in our production. In this phase, we carefully measure each ingredient to ensure optimal proportions. This is crucial to achieving consistency and effectiveness in the final product.

Mixing Ingredients – The Heart of the Process

After precise weighing, the raw materials are mixed. This phase is extremely important because it ensures even distribution of ingredients throughout the product. We use specialized mixing machines that guarantee perfect consistency and homogeneity of the mixture.

Variety of Capsule Forms – Adaptation to Requirements

The next step in our production process is encapsulation. We specialize in creating various forms of capsules, which allows us to adapt the product to the specific needs of our customers:

  • Hard Capsules: Available in sizes "0" and "00", ideal for standard doses of supplements.
  • Soft capsules Gel: Flexible in formulation, ideal for oily ingredients and larger doses.

Packing – The Last Stage of the Process

After the encapsulation process, we start packaging. We offer various packaging options including sachets, containers and bottles. Each of these packaging options is tailored to the different needs of our customers, ensuring the safety and long-term storage of the product.

Pouring the Mixture/Granulate into Sachets

The sachets are ideal for packaging powder or granules. They are easy to use and allow you to quickly prepare single doses of the product. The sachets are also convenient to transport and store.

Pouring Liquid and Semi-Liquid Forms

In our production plant, we also have the ability to pour supplements in liquid and semi-liquid forms. This option is particularly beneficial for products that require quick absorption by the body, as well as for customers who prefer an alternative to tablets or capsules. Our production lines are adapted to bottling various types of liquids, from syrups to vitamin and oil mixtures.

Quality Control and Product Safety

Product safety and quality are our priority. We use rigorous quality control procedures at every stage of production to ensure that each supplement meets the highest standards. Our testing laboratories use modern testing techniques to ensure our products are effective, safe and compliant with regulatory requirements.


The production of hard and soft capsules is a complex process that requires advanced technologies and rigorous quality standards. IOC as a leading manufacturer of hard capsules, it offers a wide range of products tailored to the individual needs of customers. Our hard capsules are valued for precise dosing, quick release of active ingredients and the ability to mask taste.

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Each type of capsule, whether hard or soft, has its own unique uses and is selected depending on the requirements specific to the product formulation. The use of modern technologies in the production of hard and soft capsules IOC guarantees the highest quality and safety of products. Thanks to an advanced production process and strict quality control, our capsules meet the highest standards, which makes them an ideal choice in both pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements.

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