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The best choice for your brand of dietary supplements is a service that was created with your needs in mind. W IOC we offer comprehensive branding services that make your products stand out on the market. Our process is not only effective, but also environmentally friendly, allowing your brand to set an example of sustainability. Thanks to our innovative methods, your dietary supplements will stand out with a unique design and marketing message, which will increase their attractiveness and recognition. Our team of specialists work directly with you to ensure that your visions and goals are achieved. Additionally, our branding services are fully integrated with our digital platform, allowing you to easily manage and monitor your brand. Choose IOC and let your dietary supplement brand flourish in the health and wellness market.

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W IOC, we understand the challenges facing brands in the dietary supplement industry. Our team of experts, whom you can meet in our video 'We are always here when you need us', are always ready to support your development and success. We offer professional consulting services that will help your brand stand out on the market. From marketing strategy, through product design, to compliance with industry regulations - we provide comprehensive support. Find out more on our website IOC Consulting and start creating a strong, recognizable brand of dietary supplements today.

What is the importance of branded ingredients in creating the offer of private label dietary supplements?

The use of branded ingredients in private label dietary supplements is crucial to building trust and standing out in the market. These ingredients are often backed by scientific research, which increases their credibility. They allow you to create products of high quality and additional value, which translates into better brand perception by consumers and can be a decisive factor in customers choosing your products.

Is the office's consent required to sell supplements?

  • USA: The FDA does not approve dietary supplements before they are placed on the market, but manufacturers are responsible for the safety of their products. They must report new dietary ingredients to the FDA before the product is placed on the market.
  • UE: In the European Union, no specific approval is required for supplements, but products must comply with food and supplement regulations.

brand strategy,
key steps.


In today's dynamically developing dietary supplement market, creating a clear and effective brand strategy is crucial to success. Your brand of dietary supplements, implemented through a private label, opens the door to unlimited possibilities, while at the same time challenging you to stand out from the crowd of competitors.

Understanding Your Brand:

The first step is to deeply understand what your brand is. Do you focus on vegan or organic products, or maybe a specific target group, such as athletes or women? Clearly defining your brand identity will influence every subsequent stage - from product selection to their design and marketing.

Creating a Brand Image:

The logo is the heart of your brand. It represents your values ​​and communicates them to your target group. Whether it's minimalist symbols or vibrant colors, it's crucial that your logo reflects the character of your brand and appeals to your customers.

Legal Aspects:

Make sure your business complies with the law. This is a key element that will ensure the safety and credibility of your brand.


Marketing and Sales:

The marketing strategy must be consistent with your brand and addressed to the right target group. Depending on your market, effective communication channels will vary - from social media to traditional marketing methods.

Product Selection:

The dietary supplements market is extensive and diverse. Choosing products that reflect your brand values ​​and meet the needs of your customers is essential.

Manufacturer's Choice:

A critical step is choosing the right private label manufacturer. High quality products, understanding your needs and the ability to cooperate long-term are the factors that will determine the success of your brand.

Creating a brand of dietary supplements is a process that requires strategic thinking, understanding the market and cooperation with the right partners. With the right strategy, your brand has the opportunity to succeed in this dynamic and growing segment of the health and wellness market.

Does brand matter when it comes to supplements?

Yes, a brand can influence the perception of a product's quality and effectiveness. A strong brand builds customer trust and loyalty, which is crucial in the competitive dietary supplements market.

How to create a supplement label?

Legally required information should be included, such as ingredients, dosages, product name, warnings, and manufacturer's contact information. It is also worth investing in a professional design that will attract attention and build trust in the brand.

Is it difficult to create a supplement brand?

Building a supplement brand requires industry knowledge, market understanding, regulatory compliance, and an effective marketing strategy. This can be a challenge, but it is possible with proper planning and resources.

Does the FDA regulate supplement labels?

Yes, the FDA regulates dietary supplement labels in the US, requiring them to be truthful and not misleading and to include all required information.

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Thanks to our advanced strategy and modern marketing techniques, branding services IOC set new standards in the dietary supplement industry. We outperform the competition at every step, using innovative approaches and tools that guarantee unrivaled visibility and appeal for your brand. Our method of working is both effective in terms of branding and cost-effectiveness, giving your products an advantage in the health and wellness market.

What basic information must be included on the supplement label (European Union)?

  1. Product name: Designation as a dietary supplement.
  2. List of Ingredients and Allergens: All ingredients, including allergens.
  3. Quantities of Nutrients: Nutrition information.
  4. Recommended Daily Intake: Recommended portions.
  5. Warnings: Information about safety and contraindications.
  6. Lot number: Product traceability.
  7. Expiration date: Minimum shelf life.
  8. Information that the Supplement does not replace a balanced diet: Tips for a healthy lifestyle.

What basic information must be included on a supplement label (USA)?

  1. Product name: It must clearly indicate that it is a dietary supplement.
  2. Net Content: Quantity of product in the package.
  3. A list of ingredients: All active and auxiliary ingredients.
  4. Name and Address of the Manufacturer/Distributor: Complete address.
  5. Application Information: How to use, dosage.
  6. Nutrition Information: Nutrient information panel.
  7. Health Benefit Claims: Must comply with FDA regulations.
  8. Warnings and Contraindications: Information about potential risks.

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